Please Enjoy This Complimentary Episode of Bonus Time!


We’re talking Comic-Con, Kidz Bop and Brett just got a Bloodborne tattoo. What more could you want?!?!

Ya’ll heard of Bonus Time? It’s our weekly Patreon-exclusive podcast, usually reserved for our biggest and bestest supporters. But I can’t deny being bummed out over not being able to talk to everyone about the San Diego Comic-Con now that Cape Crisis is on hiatus. So even though it’s not all that in-depth, and sadly lacks the hearty Hank, not talking publicly about Comic-Con was more than we could bear, so we thought we’d make this available for everyone free of charge. Here ya go:

If ya like it and would like more stuff like it, please consider subscribing to our Patreon. Oh did you think this wasn’t going to contain at least one shameless plug?! Yeah, but seriously, we could use the help and in exchange for your kindness, we offer a ton of extra audio and video stuff over there, including full-length movie commentaries and the first season of Talking Simpsons, in addition to Bonus Time, the Patreon-exclusive podcast. But whatever, just do me a favor and have a nice weekend and grab a copy of Transformers: The Movie so we can watch it next week!


5 thoughts on “Please Enjoy This Complimentary Episode of Bonus Time!

  1. Thanks, people?

    And Chris… integration or deletetion.

    This is your life doing what you love (i assume?)

    Compromise is inevitable, but no. You’re good at this. People around the world love you. You could be fucking packing product in its place in a goddamned supermarket.

  2. I was just thinking, I could use another taste of what would probably be my favorite lasertime podcast if I had it regularly.
    That Patreon page could really use a face lift though. I want to know what’s in the future for my support, not about an era that’s already passed. Come on, I’m THIS close to making the jump.

  3. Hopefully you’ll get some more Patrons through this, $5 for a bonus episode and mp3s of the Monday Night Movies is worth it!
    the adverts are bizarre on the main casts. lots of them (i clearly listen to too many LT podcasts when i can say the ads word for word) but at least i got a good laugh from the dog thing.

    Will have to drop my Pledge soon im afraid, moneys tight & going on holiday next month.

  4. This is great. I’m a patronus but downloading the mp3 from Patreon is more effort than my lazy ass can put in. Especially since I have an iPhone and have to use (shudder) iTunes to import the episode.

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