Vidjagame Apocalypse 174 – Also on PS2 and Wii

VGA 174

Erstwhile host Henry Gilbert rejoins the show this week, just in time to help us talk about multi-platform games that. for a variety of reasons, were completely different experiences on old-gen consoles. With that out of the way, we move on to Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Headlander, Quadrilateral Cowboy, Comic-Con, the latest Nintendo NX rumors, and the games you’d love to see become esports.

Question of the Week

What’s the Achievement/Trophy you’re most proud of?



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19 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 174 – Also on PS2 and Wii

  1. For me, the trophy for finishing Arkham City. I am complete and utter rubbish at action games, never beaten a Mario and struggle with Zeldas. When I beat the damned game in Normal, that was a relief.

  2. QotW: What’s your proudest achievement/trophy I gaming?

    I’ve mentioned this here before, but I’ll mention it again because it’s so relevant. The vanilla crazy cake achievement from Portal is both my most hated and most proud moment of my entire gaming career.

    Getting through the advanced challenge maps was a grueling challenge that I very nearly walked away from more than once, so completing it felt incredible. Of course it also made me sad because there were no worlds left to conquer.

    At least until Portal 2, and especially the perpetual testing initiative DLC, came out.

  3. After doing some soul searching at work, I’ve looked through my PSN profile of nearly 2000 trophies and my steam profile with another 3000 achievements. After much personal anguish, I’ve decided on the trophy I’m most proud of:

    Johnny on the Spot – Metal gear solid 2 (from the MGS HD legacy collection)

    There is no better way to pay respect to Hideo Kojima than to make a bronze trophy for hearing Johnny’s poop noises twice, and there isn’t a trophy I am more proud to own.

  4. QOTW: I have spent a few very late nights with 5 other people trying to beat the Kings Fall raid in Destiny. I never really got into MMOs all that much in their heyday, but I’m a little hooked on Destiny. Trying to accomplish this fight with a few of my friends has tested our friendships with each other. There are very few things more frustrating that fighting a boss that requires Souls-level perfection, only to have someone fuck it up because they were standing 5 feet too far away from where they needed to be. The feeling you get when you see that taint-licker’s dead body float out in to space and you see that achievement pop up is one of the most satisfying I have experienced. I am most proud of this because I didn’t think we were able to do it and in our early attempts, it seemed literally impossible.

  5. It predates trophies/achievements but I’m still happy about getting every gold medal on all of the San Andreas school trials.

  6. QOTW: I’m most proud of the trophy that I got when I cleared the first mission in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Not a huge thing to brag about but I got the trophy as late as winter 2010 ’cause I survived that long without updating the trophy-patch to my PS3. I think fighting against the system (Jamaican accent) and making da stand against Babylon on dis trophy-issue man (Jamaican accent ends here) should be rewarded with a trophy goddammit!

  7. Rock Band 2 has a trophy for compleing the Endless Setlist without failing or pausing, and I did that playing drums on hard by myself. 8 and a half hours with quick breaks after a few songs finished to pee or drink some water. A few songs at the end are just noise, and hard to finish even on hard, but I got through them all.

    I got every trophy in Skyrim, except for the one that you need to collect all the Daedric items. I got all but one of them, and apparently a random person had gotten killed during the game, and that person was required to continue the quest where you get drunk and pass out, so through no fault of my own the glitch kept me from getting the platinum. The glitch was patched later, but even though I tested to see if it had straightened out my game, it never did, so I’m one stupid little part of a multi-part quest short of getting platinum!

  8. I actually worked on the PSP versions of The Forced Unleashed as an embedded QA guy. The extra missions were a lot to do with the “30% extra” requirements for PSP games compared to PS2 versions at the time. They were short but not too bad! The PSP version also had a 4 player multiplayer mode which probably 10 people played total. Was my first game dev gig!

  9. Not a single achievement, but I am the most proud of having a grand total of 550 out of the 600 possible achievements in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. I found every skull, every terminal, beat every game on legendary, and a whole lot more shit I spent about 300 hours on. I’m only missing the legendary all skulls on campaign achievements and some of the multiplayer ones that I couldn’t get because… well, you know.

  10. “Jake Gyllenhaal doesn’t look Arab.”

    I realize what point you were trying to make, Chris, but Persians (and modern day Iranians for the most part) aren’t Arabs.

  11. Admittedly, I am a bit of a trophy hunter on Playstation. I know it is not necessarily a high number, but I am level 21 on the PS Network. I’ve beaten many games and have a lot of games that are near Platinum’s. Of all my trophies though, my proudest is probably getting the Plat on Metal Gear Solid 3. Those damn Kerogen (sp?) Kermit the frog looking bastards were kinda hard to find all of! Thankfully the ones you got carried over from game to game so I was able to get those as I went thru the many gameplays to get the other trophies. Love the series but I don’t think I could EVER play that game again haha

    an honorable mention would be my plat for Metal Gear 5 (250 hours of gameplay) dem damn S ranks though…..

    PS- Just started listening to the Laser Time network of shows and I love everything I’ve heard! Going thru the whole backlog of shows as I am a mailman and am able to listen to roughly 5 episodes a day. wil definitely contribute to Patreon so you can continue to give us the goods!

  12. Long time listener, first time caller 🙂 Earning the Xbox 360 version of Vanquish’s full 1000 Gamerscore is the greatest achievement of my gaming “career”. But the single achievement that I am most truly proud of, is that same game’s “Tactical Challenger”, unlocked by finishing the six Tactical Challenges that are unlocked as you play through Platinum Games’ magnificent shooter.

    And it’s the sixth and final challenge that’s the most brutal, throwing the game’s deadliest enemies at you, almost all at once. It is an absolute warzone and it requires absolute mastery of the game’s mechanics, as well as your own reflexes. I spent a month just trying to finish this final challenge, a task that took so much of a toll on me, that I actually felt physically ill by the time I had finally laid this one to rest. I was actually shaking by the time that Achievement Unlocked message appeared.

    I have not played the game since, safe in the knowledge that I have nothing more to prove.

  13. Easily the proudest trophy in my collection is my Bloodborne platinum trophy. I know it’s hack to even say at this point, but like every FROM game its just so fucking satisfying accomplishing everything that beast of a game could throw at me. Here’s hoping another one is in the works. Side note, not entirely sure why my username was switched from antistasmetroid to HowToBlowJob. Though fucking hilarious when I noticed, wouldn’t mind having my name back. Was it the Russian porn spammers? Kisses!

  14. QOTW: Easy answer for me. I am most proud of my Souls trophies. I have a platinum in Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls 1, 2 & 3 and Bloodborne. Brett would be proud!

  15. QOTW: For game that I’ve platinumed, it would have to be Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Good game, beat the piss out of it. But what I’m REALLY proud of is getting the Zombie Genocider achievement in Dead Rising. It requires your zombie kill count to equal the entire population of Willamette in a single playthrough. I didn’t plan very well when I attempted it and ended up having to pause about half-way through, go to work, come home, and then finish my unrestrained zombie massacre.

  16. So I have two achievements that stand out for me back when I was a huge achievement junky on the xbox360 (almost made it to 100k gamerscore)

    The first being the Endless Setlist achievement in Rock Band. I don’t think I will ever have another video game moment like sitting in my brothers apartment with 4 drunk people playing until 4 am with all the instruments/mic.

    The second being beat the Hardcore mode of Dead Space 2. This was the mode where you had to play
    on the hardest difficulty setting with only 3 saves. Not only was the combat hard as hell, but there were also some brutal QTEs that could very easily kill you. I loved this achievement. It was the closest any modern game has gotten to that old school RE1 survival horror, where you had to beat the game only using 3 ink ribbons to get the best ranking.

  17. It took a while because there so many I’m proud of but ‘Smile’ from Geometry Wars 2. It’s a secret puzzle achievement where you have to play through twenty stages of increasing difficulty in row passing and failing certain stages to create a smiling face pattern. Four hours of my Saturday and a lot of frustration then eventually achievement unlocked.

  18. Was great hearing you guys talk about the Wii version of Ghostbusters and a nice coincidence, as I happen to be playing through it at the moment too.

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