Transformers: The Movie – Live commentary!


August’s first Monday Night Movie is one of my all-time favorite flicks – so please track down a copy of Transformers: The Movie before 6pm tonight and watch along!

You can catch the action here, or keep an eye on our YouTube page, which will kick to live streamin’ around 5:55pm Pacific or so.

STREAM OVER! Laser Time Patrons may go grab the audio/video feeds here, and anyone else is free to pick up the commentary on our Bandcamp.

Why are we watching this now? Because it’s turning 30 in just a few days, silly! We talk all about it on this week’s upcoming Thirty Twenty Ten, y’know! What sucks is that the 30th anniversary blu-ray (pre-order now and help us out with those sweet Amazon nickles) isn’t out until September, so there’s no easy or great way to watch this with us now if you don’t already own it or uh, don’t want to “acquire” it through other means.

If you miss it live, Patrons will automagically have the file and video for free, while all the rest of you NORMIES can grab it at Bandcamp for a reasonable price!

2 thoughts on “Transformers: The Movie – Live commentary!

  1. Apparently the GI Joe movie was actually made first, and in it Duke (or whoever, it’s been a while) died. However, Transformers came to theaters first, and the backlash to killing Optimus Prime was so bad that they decided a.) to release GI Joe as a five-part episode and b.) decided to have Duke (again, or whoever) to recover.

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