Talking Simpsons – Colonel Homer


Homer just wants to help a struggling country music star, but Marge is worried she’s losing her husband. Plus Big Shirtless Ron all on this week’s podcast…


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6 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Colonel Homer

  1. Sorry the best Hee Haw parody is Hee Haw the Next Generation from the Critic. I mean Worf hamboning is the best thing ever. Also while I’m being contradictory the Hottest Simpsons woman is Miss Goodthighs from “You Only Move Twice”.

  2. I grew up in Eastern Iowa in the 80’s, and always hated country, which we called wang twang, since earlier country all has the same, wang twangy music. I did like watching HeeHaw for some reason, it’s kind of linked with the Muppet Show in my head, middle of the day on weekends shows.

    I think Marge was being a little unreasonable about Homer managing Lurleen, he hadn’t done anything cheaty in all the shows we’d seen, and presumably not outside of the episodes, either, he should have gotten more credit.

  3. Simpsons Waifu Tier List:

    1. Mindy Simmons
    2. Lurleen Lumpkin
    3. Mary Ann, proprietor of Mary Ann’s Hammocks
    4. The model who giggles and says “Oh you,” when asked if she comes with the car
    5. Princess Kashmir
    6. The unnamed Greek woman who has her clothes torn off in “The Erotic Adventures of Hercules”

    1. Completely esoteric choice but I distinctly remember there was a person who did their own fan-fic of the Simpsons that took place with Bart in high school and eventually going to college and the person who wrote it also did a bunch of amazing fan-art to go with it. In his comic Bart’s on-again off-again girlfriend is Jessica Lovejoy who’s depicted as the still rebellious troublemaker who gets away with everything but aged her up appropriately to basically being the slutty reverends daughter cliche but still managed to get away with it in public. Whoever did the art was super good at capturing both sides of her personality but this was literally a decade and a half ago I remembered it and a simple google search reveals what I assume are people trying to copy his idea and style on deviant-art but nowhere near the quality. So yeah, my choice is some fan-artists interpretation of a character aged 15 years up

  4. In terms of Matt Groening’s involvement in the actual writing process, that’s not at all uncommon with showrunners. It’s not that they don’t write episodes, it’s that, in some ways, they write every episode. The showrunner’s job is to keep track of the overall tone of the show, and to supervise the entire process. Sort of like the EIC in a journalism context, from what I understand. Usually the showrunner(s) will have the final pass on every script, as well as having to look at the edits on the final episodes. According to my friends who work in cartoons (including Wabbit, airing now on Boomerang!) it’s actually pretty rare that the showrunner gets to actually sit down and write a full episode on their own, because they have SO many other responsibilities. Seems like that was the case here, especially because he was the “face” of the show more than the other two creators.

  5. This is the first time I’ve ever felt compelled to write to correct someone on anything, and I feel a little dirty about it. But it’s only because I love you! (And I love old country)

    Lurleen was a parody of Loretta Lynn, not Patsy Cline. Coal Miner’s Daughter is about (and is also a song by) Loretta Lynn.

    Patsy Cline had a pretty different sound and background, (and died by the time she was 30).

    Also, Lurleen is definitely my vote for sexiest guest character.

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