Vidjagame Apocalypse 175 – Playable Babies

VGA 175

Who wouldn’t want to experience dangerous situations as a soft, helpless infant? Inspired by their recent playthrough of Baby’s Day Out, the VGA crew invite Michael Grimm to join this week for a look at games that let you play as babies. After tearing through that discussion, it’s on to talk about Abzu, Batman: The Telltale Series, controversies over Pok√©mon Go updates and No Man’s Sky, and the Achievements that made you proud.

Question of the Week

What game are you playing to get through the summer doldrums?



Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Baby Baby! from UmJammer Lammy. Haunting and beautiful New Releases Theme by David B. Cooper.

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15 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 175 – Playable Babies

  1. I am playing through the original Pokemon again with a sibling, in preperation for Sun/Moon. But I’ve no guarantee that either of us are going to finish it.
    Actually I started way too many high caliber games, but never finished it, so summer doldrums is rather inaccurate for me, especially when the backlog is going to grow next month. Between work, gaming, and my growing love for Star Trek, I’m set.

  2. Along with playing through the single and multiplayer in GTA V, this time on the Xbone (I had beaten it on the 360), I have beaten The Flame in the Flood, Inside, and Oxenfree. Please, please, PLEASE, I want somebody, ANYBODY who reads this to play Oxenfree. It absolutely blew me away. It was a random impulse buy because it looked neat and I started it on a random, free evening and beat it that night. I loved it. It’s been described as a mix of Freaks and Geeks and Poltergeist, as Life is Strange and The Goonies meets Telltale, and a “walking and talking simulator.”

    And for Brett, it has some of my favorite game music in recent memory, all made by one dude. The dialogue, over 10,000 lines (the standard Telltale game has 2,000), written by one dude. The art, which is the most striking aspect of the game, all created by one dudette. PLEASE PLAY THIS GAME SOMEONE. I have yet to find anyone who has played it which is a damn shame.

    I would strongly advise NOT watching the official trailer that the developer put out because I feel it spoils the game. It’s only about a 4-5 hour game, so you really should go into it cold and experience the surprises as they happen. Here’s a good trailer to give you a bit of a feel of the game:

  3. QOTW: I know Im late to the party, but after a million recommendations from you guys I finally gave Bloodborne a chance this summer. Because I’m a spend-o-crat millenial, the difficulty and lack of direction were hard to get used to (and I’ve died to those obese crows an embarrassing number of times), but the further in I get the more I fall in love with the game.

    Side Note: I also enjoy our smell-fare programs

  4. Love the playable baby discussion, and perhaps this doesn’t quite fit, but I was hoping you all would discuss Messiah, a wonderfully insane PC game where you play as a angel-as-winged baby (eg. cherub) with the capabilities of jumping into nearby people’s bodies and controlling them. This includes sci-fi strippers, heavily-armed guards, and so on. It’s awesome. Here is the link to it on GOG:

  5. QOTW: I may get picked on by every gamer under the sun for this…I decided to play the Uncharted series for the first time. I just finished my PS4 playthru of GTA5 and wanted to find something to bide my time till Final Fantasy 15 (which is being released 3 days after my sons to be born date) . After hearing how great it is from my father in law and listening to the Nolan North ep on here not too long ago, I decided to give it a try. I have made it thru Uncharted 1 and 2 within a week and am now halfway thru 3 with the Vita game on deck and finally 4. After I am done, I will go back to sweep up the trophies!

  6. As soon as I saw the episode title, I yelled “THEY HAD BETTER MENTION BABY COMMANDO!”
    You did not disappoint.

  7. Funny story about the Simple 2000 baby game. It’s called Come On Baby in Korea and used to be in arcades all over the place. The arcade version is actually pretty fun when playing against a real person.

    This is the best picture of it I could find.

    My favourite event, which you didn’t mention, is the one where a ball and chain is attached to the babies’ legs and they have to swim to the surface as hard as they can before they drown.

  8. Btw, (since I can’t edit), I just wanted to chime in and say I’m enjoying the new three man team for Lasertime in general.

    Not that I don’t like Henry, but I think you guys are gelling, and I don’t feel like you’re tripping over each other as much.

  9. I WOULD be playing Monster Hunter Generations, but my top screen shit the bed three days after buying the game. Also, i’m late on rent, so i probably won’t have a replacement 3ds until sometime in September or October, the way things have been going.

    I need to quit smoking… AGAIN. The year and a half I was vaping saved me around 200 bucks a month.

  10. My summer game is Earth Defense Force 4.1 Shadow of New Despair. EDF has been my go to game during gaming off seasons for awhile. Before this, I played the Vita version of EDF 2; Invaders from Planet Space for far too many hours. It’s the perfect after work explosion fest for a quick hour or so before the exhaustion of the heat and work remind me that I should really sleeping.
    Of course, EDF will probably take a break soon when the new Style Savvy comes out. Style Savvy is one of my favorite series and also has the that “just play a little bit for forever” kind of fun. Light sim elements, endless playing with the character creator gameplay and the goal of “just do whatever is fun for you” make this series my other go to.

  11. I’m playing through tokyo mirage sessions and i hate everything but the addictive gameplay of this stupid great game

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