Laser Time – Suicide Squad Reactions and 2016 Comic Movie Preview


We’re fresh from a screening of Suicide Squad and we broadcasted our reactions LIVE with all of you with comic poobah, Henry Gilbert joining this ragtag group. After that, we’re counting down the comic book movies we’re most looking forward to in 2016 and beyond!


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13 thoughts on “Laser Time – Suicide Squad Reactions and 2016 Comic Movie Preview

  1. Very curious to hear what you guys thought. I really did not enjoy that movie and am super worried about the future of the DCEU at this point.

  2. Listening to this on youtube right now. Yeah, they are nailing it so far. I had fun with the movie but that third act was pretty awful. Glad to have Henry back to give his thoughts on this one!

    Someone mentioned a funny side note Twitter. If Joker owns and is hanging out all the time in a strip club, why hasn’t Batman stopped him??

  3. As far as the songs

    Dirty Deeds was used because they’re from Australia and so is Captain Boomerang (I think)

    Paranoid was used because Harley was crazy

    Fortunate Son *I think* was used because it was supposed to be “ironic”, because of what happened to Croc, though Born on the Bayou would have been better because they mentioned he’s from New Orleans.

    But I completely agree that the music was overused and the tone was way too all over the place.

    I actually *liked* the Enchantress and I liked the second hour more than the first hour.

    Agree with Henry, I kept thinking of Ghostbusters while I was watching the movie and I kind of liked the creepy tone.

    What I kind of liked about the Joker is he was just there to stir shit up, didn’t really care about Enchantress and was just trying to cause chaos which seemed like a Jokerish thing to do.

    Mostly it was just a disappointment and I would definitely watch a director’s cut that was pre-studio interference.

  4. Also, secondly. Fuck Doctor Strange.

    Marvel deliberately changed Strange’s origin so that it wouldn’t mention Tibet so they could get it into China.

    Marvel is flat out condoning the abuse of the Tibetan people by catering to China over this movie.

    Fuck Marvel, fuck Cumberbatch and fuck anyone who supports this movie. If you support this movie, you are condoning human rights abuses by China to Tibet and you are a shitty person.

    1. Unless you’re someone that is actively doing something of substance to help Tibet. You’re technically just as bad as marvel, being aware of injustice and yet doing nothing to stop it.

      And I’m not really defending marvel and the people behind the movie. They’re definitely choosing to avoid offending tyrants in order to make a buck. But complete condemnation of them while one does nothing is easy, and pointless.

      Furthermore, with that stance you’re taking. You might as well go ahead and fuck any movie production that had tried, or is trying to appeal to the Chinese market.

      1. Not really sure how I am supposed to stop the Chinese government by myself.

        Go to China and demonstrate and get shot by the police?

        At least I won’t be giving money to this movie. At least I’m not supporting it.

        1. You could start by researching and contributing to charities and/or institutions that are already there and risking their lives doing something that actually matters.

          Yelling on the Internet condemning a corporation is the easiest thing in the world to do, It only requires that you have the ability to write and an Internet connection. Bowing to not give money to said corporation? Only slightly harder to do, unless you didn’t give the corporation any money previously. In which case, you’d be doing literally no effort.

  5. I caught the stream late but I did enjoy Suicide Squad. Definitely my favorite DC film since The Dark Knight. It had it’s share of problems but I agree with Chris that the good stuff outweighed the bad. I am hoping for a Directors Cut that fixes some of the editing issues.

  6. Dr Strange looks super interesting!
    Wonder Woman looks fun and colourful which is surprising to say considering the mess of current DC movies
    and The Great Wall looks so bizarre and seeing Matt Damon in the trailer feels so jarring. I just hope it wont go down to the 47 Ronin Keanu Reeves white man samurai route. I get why they picked Matt Damon now but c’mon if Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon got mainstream press then something like the Great Wall with a full asian cast could too!

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