Cesaro’s Double Feature Was The Coolest Thing On Raw Last Night


There wasn’t much to celebrate about this week’s Raw, but the continued focus on the underrated Cesaro (who had two matches) was The Coolest Thing on Raw Last Night!

Hey! It’s The Coolest Thing on Raw Last Night, Laser Time’s Tuesday morning (slash-early afternoon) quarterback article series that picks the best part of the biggest weekly LIVE wrestling program, WWE Monday Night Raw. With three live hours to sort through (and two more now that Smackdown LIVE is around), it can sometimes be difficult to separate what sucks and what rules. That’s where The Coolest Thing on Raw Last Night (or TCTORLN) comes in. We find the cool part(s) and tell you exactly why it’s so awesome!


Well, it had to happen sometime; after a good run of shows since the Draft in mid-July, Raw finally stumbled with a bad episode that leaned too hard on interview segments that didn’t seem logical and matches that mostly fizzled. Even this week’s honorable mention wasn’t all good. For once, Enzo and Cass were the lesser half of a tag team promo battle. While Enzo got out a good few barbs (like baby burping and discussions of Jericho’s scarves), it was too focused on weird sports references and harping back on last week’s awkward romantic interaction with Sasha Banks.

Fortunately, Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens picked up the slack pretty well. Jericho’s continued obliviousness just gets better and better (speaking at Enzo while looking at Cass, promising Enzo will get “it”), while Kevin Owens nicely tied his feud with Sami Zayn into why he hates Cass for enabling a lesser ally in the form of Enzo. The Jericho-Enzo match didn’t amount to much, but this quartet should make for a good Summerslam match and some entertaining promo battles over the next two weeks.


If I’m being honest, the best thing about THIS Raw was the same thing as last week; Cesaro vs Sheamus (even with the preconceived anger about Raw repeating matches as it has so often in the past). This time around, there wasn’t as much of an impetus, but the wonder if WWE would do their typical even-Steven booking with this feud put the result somewhat in the air, and the duo pulled out a few new neat tricks. While not as dominant as this week, the normally gullible face Cesaro finally got lucky during the hectic final moments of this match.

Then there was the United States Championship match with Rusev, which wasn’t as much in doubt (though props to WWE to regularly having title defenses on Raw – three straight weeks!). Reigns has made his beef with Rusev about the US Title, so there’s no way they fight without it on the line, and Cesaro doesn’t quite fit in a triple threat battle. Still, there were moments that had me hoping against hope, and Cesaro was quite agile for a dude who just spend 15 minutes in the ring with one of WWE’s heaviest hitters earlier in the night. The ending, however, was off. Firstly, after two weeks of fights, Cesaro and Sheamus need something more to propel them into Summerslam, be it tag partners or new stipulations. Moreover Reigns looked like a chump for the second time in one night, waiting until after heel interference to beat up Rusev after reverting to snarky jerk during the earlier Rusev-Lana celebration. But it was a second battle between Cesaro and a big brawler, which made for a few bright spots in an otherwise substandard episode of Raw.


Cesaro lands on his feet after a Neutrailzer-counter back body drop, then slides under a Brogue Kick.
Cesaro lands on his feet after a Neutrailzer-counter back body drop, then slides under a Brogue Kick.

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