3 Classic Disney Games Are Back From the Dead: HOW HAPPEN?!


Resident Disney Megafan, Chris Antista, attempts to explain how numerous classic 16-bit Disney games just miraculously came back from the dead and why it matters…

Ya’ll here the sensational news?! Out of nowhere, GOG.com just dropped the three classic Super Nintendo/Disney games on our collective asses, and its the first time these beloved titles have been officially available in over two decades. Laser Time’s drooling Disney fanboy seeks to explore exactly why this happened, what has changed, and why they’ll probably never hit your favorite console.

TBH, I don’t give a hot red fuck if you watch the video, just PLEASE GO GRAB THESE GAMES if you have even the slightest interest. This re-release is absolutely unprecedented, so if you’ve ever wanted to see your favorite long lost licensed game come back from the dead, go grab Aladdin, The Lion King and Jungle Book right fucking now!

For more wonderfully esoteric Disneyana, peep our Salute to Flight of the Navigator, 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Roger Rabbit, our Definitive Guide to Aladdin’s Disney Impressions, or just watch some of the videos below.

8 thoughts on “3 Classic Disney Games Are Back From the Dead: HOW HAPPEN?!

    1. DuckTales 1 & 2, Rescue Rangers 1 & 2, Darkwing Duck, the better Aladdin game, all 3 Mickey Mystical Quest games…

  1. Had no idea there was a Pinocchio game.

    Also wasn’t sure how this announcement was gonna fill an 8 minute video but of course it did because you make well thought out and extremely informative videos Chris and we love you for it.

  2. Enjoyed this video, I always appreciate your enthusiasm and knowledge when it comes to all things Disney, Chris.

    My only memory of The Lion King game is playing it at a friends house one hot summer night and us coaching my toddler brother to say curse words. Good times.

  3. I don’t, and will never, EVER support digital content of any kind.

    Digital is the big, hard dick fucking the consumer’s ass.

  4. I always thought the music and sfx from the dos versions were always the weakest of the ports (console and pc) I already have the original versions of these games because, lets be honest, they’re cheap and easy to find. Great video

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