Laser Time – All About Olympics


After a smattering of Olympic history and weird trivia, we dive into athletes who’ve succeeded in pop-culture as well as the myriad movies, shows, and games that have focused on the epic sporting event!


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11 thoughts on “Laser Time – All About Olympics

  1. Man I love Cool Runnings, A childhood favorite and one of those movies that whenever it comes on TV i’ll stop what I’m doing and just go “eh fuck it” and watch the rest of it. It really makes me miss John Candy.

  2. Caveman Ugh’lympics or Snoopy Spot Spectacular on Nes would be good for a quick shout out. California games if you want to play an actual *good* nes game.

  3. What? Nobody is talking about Johnny Weissmuller? He won 5 gold medals and one bronze for swimming in the 1920 and 1924 Olympics, and then went on to acting, most famous for his role as Tarzan for 12 movies from 1932 till 1948. A he’s still the best Tarzan to date (but what do you want if his most current competition is a dopey Alexander Skarsgård).

  4. The last time the Olympics were relevant to me was when I was playing Summer and Winter (and California) games on my Commodore 64 in the 80s.

    It was also the last time there was an event where someone wasn’t taking some sort of illegal drug.

    Why are the Olympics not relevant today? Because EVERYONE dopes. Every athlete, every country.

    The newest Olympic event should be to see who doesn’t get caught for doping.

  5. Great episode and the only thing missing was a discussion of olympic mascots and how god awful they usually are. Like, truly garbage. With the exception of the Rio guys who look like party animal Pokemon.

  6. In response to Antista making reference to Tyler’s Canada embarrassment, the real embarrassment for Canada was at its own 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Canada invoked a policy called ‘Own the Podium’ whereby athletes from other nations were given limited practice time compared to Canadian athletes. Look it up, someone died as a result and as far as I’m concerned this amounts to state-sponsored cheating.

  7. There’s another video game that deals with the Olympics but isn’t exclusively Olympic themed, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six.

    Based off the novel of the same name they both deal with terrorists attempting to detonate a biological bomb at the Olympics to allow it to spread across the world and kill off most the population. One of the last levels in the game has you at the actual Olympic Village to disarm the bomb before it detonates.

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