LaserTime’s NXT Takeover Brooklyn II predictions: make yours too!


The (second) biggest wrestling weekend of the year is upon us, and we’re running TWO predictions contests. First up is NXT Takeover Brookyln II. Can you make better Takeover predictions than Laser Time’s best wrestling minds?

We’ve got two BIG wrestling events this weekend, so why not have TWO predictions contests. Before we all run through the mammoth SummerSlam card, we’re gonna talk about Takeover. It’s got a great cross-section of exciting newcomers and likely imminent WWE callups, so picking some of these matches will be tricky (and fun to watch play out). We even let NXT fever bleed into our stream of SummerSlam predictions, as we played through both NXT singles title matches at the end of our WWE 2K16 stream!

Anywho, here’s how the prediction contest goes. The LaserTime gang will make picks in this here article, and then open up the replies to you great listeners. You will then pick a winner (or if you’re feeling frisky, a rare draw/no contest) for each match (don’t worry about getting the finish right, I’m just looking for winners, if any), and then, just in case there’s a tie for correct predictions, pick a running time for the final match listed (the presumed main event) as a tiebreaker.

If you reap the wealth of your picks and have the most correct predictions, you can make your mark on the next Cheap Popcast episode by choosing a theme to close a segment. Pick the wrestler theme and include a YouTube URL to a wrestler’s theme alongside your predictions (including the running time of NXT Championship match) and I’ll give you a shout-out on next week’s episode. Got it? Good. Now, onto each LaserTimer’s predictions!

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1 – Andrade Almas vs. Bobby Roode
After so many indie wrestlers have found success in NXT, Almas finds himself in the position where he’s still searching for a connection in his second Takeover match. His debut match was too short to enjoy, and he’s yet to even have a main-event level match, so Almas will win just by getting a decent amount of time to show his skills with Mr. Roooo. In another way, he’ll lose, because Bobby Roode has a much larger upside since he’s the opposite; super-over with the NXT crowd despite the fact that he still hasn’t had a match yet.
PICK: Roode

2 – No Way Jose vs. Austin Aries
I think this match encapsulates why Takeover Brooklyn II is the first NXT event in awhile that isn’t as exciting on paper than its WWE counterpart. This is a middling feud and only one of the competitors has really found a connection beyond the surface level (Aries), so hopefully this match at least shows more of NWJ’s potential since he’s likely losing this match to future NXT main-eventer Aries.
PICK: Aries

3- Ember Moon vs. Billie Kay
I’ve heard great things about Ember Moon, and the NXT Women’s division DESPERATELY needs new talent, so hopefully Moon’s entrance can live up to her spoopy vignettes and the match will end up as good as EM’s house show bouts have been reported as. Billie Kay is the closest thing to an Alexa Bliss-level heel in the women’s division, so hopefully she can show off more of her heelish side in the ring (and heck, sub her in for Eva Marie at SummerSlam)! Anywho, Ember Moon is winning this one, no problem.
PICK: Ember Moon

4- NXT Tag Team Champions The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder) (c) vs. Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa
God bless the Cruiserweight Classic. On top of playing host to some of WWE’s best matches of the year, it’s also FINALLY made me interested in Gargano and Ciampa after a year of context-free tag matches. Now that I’ve finally hitched onto their personalities, I’d love to see them have a Sami Zayn-esque ascent to the tag titles. Part of that is building up the The Revival as heels you want to see dethroned, so I predict Dawson and Wilder pull off some old-school heel moves en route to victory.
PICK: The Revival

5- NXT Women’s Champion Asuka vs. Bayley
Here’s my surprise pick of the weekend. Bayley could have easily stayed on Raw or Smackdown after Battleground last month, but she’s stayed in NXT for a reason, and it has to be for more than just this match. This doesn’t feel like Bayley’s swan song, so I say she says in NXT for a little bit longer to make the next generation of NXT women as good as the class she came up with. To that end, I think we’ll see Bayley become the first-ever two-time NXT singles champion and her feud with Asuka run a little longer until more of NXT’s female roster is ready to ascend to Asuka and Bayley’s level.
PICK: Bayley

6- NXT Champion Samoa Joe vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
Here’s the thing; one of these dudes is probably hitting the main roster, and the other will carry the NXT Championship through the end of the year. However, I constantly shift between picking one or the other because they BOTH are great enough to move up OR be NXT’s standard bearer. They also BOTH have great reason to feud with presumed next #1 contender Hideo Itami (Samoa Joe could be revealed as his assailant, Shinsuke can make it about Japan). I think Senor Joe works off his TNA history with NXT newcomers Aries and Roode, so he wins and defends the belt on NXT while Shinsuke goes to Smackdown to be their rad entrance counterpart to Finn Balor.
PICK: Samoa Joe

Up next… Hank’s picks!

10 thoughts on “LaserTime’s NXT Takeover Brooklyn II predictions: make yours too!

  1. Asuka (Because it’s time for Bailey to come to Smackdown)
    Roode (Glorious!)
    Ember Moon
    Revival (As much as I want Revival to come up, I think they will win here, and Gargona and Ciampa are going to split.
    Nakamura (love that 80’s tank top) – 18 minutes :30 seconds

    Song: Glaicer’s (Totally Not Mortal Kombat copyright infringing theme music)

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