No Man’s Kingdom – Exclusive Trailer

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Set sail for a galaxy unknown! Untold worlds of legend await your return. BELIEVE THE HYPE!

For the record, I’m so, so sorry.

I know this is every bit as dumb as it is deceptive, but since Brett and I diving back into our amazing, colossal, hyper-complete Kingdom Hearts playthrough is worthy of some celebration, no?! Furthermore, I feel like a bitched at those of you who were upset, let down, even irrationally angry at No Man’s Sky a little too much on this week’s Vidjagame Apocalypse. Why not take the piss out of the game a little bit AND promote our stupid weekend KH streams!

For the record, I had every idea what No Man’s Sky was going to be like, I liked it waaaaaay more than I expected. Having only ingested some E3 hype and a couple trailers, No Man’s Sky struck me as an impressive feat of engineering and development that had almost zero chance of appealing to every player, let alone the people who obsess over the mainstreamiest, ultra-actiony PlayStation press conference footage. But looking into the debacle, it certainly seems Hello Game overpromised on some features (none of which I personally cared about BTW), and although it more than met my expectations, I can see how it fell short for others. Hell, I honestly predicted a much more boring game, and yeah, you can see me getting a bit frustrated by its idiosyncrasies in in the video above. Of course, I eventually found plenty to love…

no mans sky laser time

But whatever. Nothing says “my bad” like the being mean to video games. It’s the bacon of internet discourse! But yes, our computer’s are finally fixed and you have LESS THAN TWENTY FOUR HOURS to gear that ass up for the return of KINGDOM FARTS! Check out the previous episode from last month, or get gaddamned started in the playlist below!


3 thoughts on “No Man’s Kingdom – Exclusive Trailer

  1. I know you’ve said before that your videos are the least popular thing about Laser Time but they never fail to amuse me. Loved this one as well. It did bring back horrid memories of that shitty Gummi ship from the first game. It’s sad but those Gummi Ship segments are the only memory I have of the first Kingdom Hearts.

    As for No Man’s Sky, I’m enjoying it a lot. Yes, it did no live up to the hype and yes, it does have its problems (I wasted 2 hours at the start because they spawned me into a planet without zinc!) but it has given me a lot of joy. I have been a huge fan of Flight of the Navigator since the 80’s. Jumping into a ship who’s sole purpose was to catalogue other planet’s species, was always a dream of mine and for the first time ever, I can experience that through videogames. I bought my ship (which looks like a cross between Starfox’s Arwing and an X-Wing) and grown attached to it since we have seen 50-60 planets and 10-15 galaxies.

    I only wish I could customize my ship a little and add waypoints. Other than that, NMS has been a treat to play.

  2. As a huge fan of KH and someone who is really enjoying No Man’s Sky (it’s exactly what I expected) I loved this video. If I had to guess I’d say you got the idea for this after your talk on a recent podcast with Grimm about your older video of some guy talking about how pretty a car sim game is spliced together with the baby carriage from Mario Kart Double Dash.

    Even more excited to hear that the Kingdom Hearts playthrough will continue!!! I know they don’t get the most views but I love this series and I love that I get to basically sit on a couch next to you while you play it.

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