LSD: Dream Emulator – Tripping Balls on PS1


Special guest Greg Moore takes us on a hallucinatory spirit quest through one of the most bizarre PlayStation games to ever come out of Japan. Find a happy place and avoid the brown acid… this is probably gonna get weird.

We’d like to grab Greg for some more obscure curiosity from the East. Maybe you do too? Let us know what you think!

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One thought on “LSD: Dream Emulator – Tripping Balls on PS1

  1. Good good good. Also I checked youtube and there is in fact a speedrun of this that took almost 4 hours to play 365 days but it’s mostly just finding the nearest object to collide with to cause something to happen. As with most things Lasertime, the commentary is what makes it great.
    Oh and Greg is awesome would be great to have him along for more things.

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