Pixar Pummeling – 6-Way Lasseter Match


With Disney Infinity going away, at least the Pixar characters still have a place to play… TO THE DEATH. Oh yes, it’s WOODY vs BUZZ LIGHTYEAR vs MR INCREDIBLE vs MIKE vs SULLY vs CARL!

Are you ready for a long lost Fantasy Fight? In case you couldn’t tell, this was recorded while I was out of town, back during E3. Hell, Henry still worked here, so I wish I could offer you a tease but it looks as if we’ll have to watch it together. I’m confident the match will at least be better than Cars 2.

Check out more Fantasy Fights on Laser Time’s YouTube channel, or peep some below! Perhaps X-Men or Ghostbusters are more your bag?!

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2 thoughts on “Pixar Pummeling – 6-Way Lasseter Match

  1. Booooooooo! Karl made a glorious comeback and ran Mr. Incredible through the gauntlet just for it to mean nothing and one hit to take him out at the end. Robbed.

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