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Formats were meant to be broken! Last week we started a little series of video with our buddy Greg where we play a weird or forgotten Japanese game that never made it stateside. Just one week later, we’ve deviated completely…

Instead of an old curiosity, Greg walks Chris and Brett through a brand new Japanese game in the Nioh Playstation 4 beta! And hey, it looks good! Dark Souls meets Bushido Blade meets something I’ve never played and have no comparison for! WATCH:

And if new Japanese aren’t your bag, you can’t get much weirder than LSD, but yeah, we’ll be back next week with something a little more “on brand.”

One thought on “Nioh – Greg’s Walkthrough

  1. Wow just asked you guys about this in the Resi stream the other day and now you’re already playing it thanks to Greg. I’ve personally put a lot of time into the original alpha and even more into the new beta and have to say this game has a lot of potential and great nuance going for it. From what I can tell the main purpose of these tests is for balancing. The alpha was much more demanding, unfairly at some points, but this beta is very much improved. Having beat everything in the beta except the optional side mission super samurai duel I have to say I’m very hyped for this game. By the way the launch leaked to be October 28, so let Greg know.
    I think the other thing you guys kind of missed out on that sets this apart from other souls games is the importance of unlocking combos. Greg unlocked the kick and Iai stance, but the combos for the different stances and different weapons give you a lot more combat variation. Especially with the more flashy combos like the spear combo where you jump over an enemy and land behind them or the axe combo move that lets you finish with a heavy swing that picks up and throws the enemy with the axe blade.
    Early on it’s very similar to Souls where you’re looking for gear with higher defense and weapons with higher damage, but later you focus more on the special abilities you gear comes with. They can have damage bonuses, reduce the ki usage for certain actions, and even give bonus weapon scaling. So it becomes more Diablo-esque where you’re looking for that sweet sweet loot, but even if you get loot that isn’t as good you can still repurpose it. If you have two swords, one with skills you like, and one with worse skills but it’s a higher damage level, you can sacrifice the higher level sword to level up the sword you like more. You can also use this to pass on certain special abilities from one weapon to another to make an improved hybrid. Rather than upgrading weapons for damage like in Souls, you use money and material to reforge them, basicallly letting you pick the abilities you don’t like and having them randomly swapped for new ones. So it adds an aspect of luck as you kind of play the skill lottery to get the best possible skills on a weapon, but without the risk of losing the skills you really like.
    All in all I thinks it’s amazing. This video just scratches the surface (time constraints obviously) but the enemies and level design get even better as you progress. Only concern is enemy balancing still, as the boss of the second big level was extremely hard (I first tried the first boss) as she has a ton of stamina, moves really fast, is really aggressive, a lot of health, and has projectiles that can paralyze you. As long they try to keep enemies reasonable like how they changed the first boss I’ll thoroughly enjoy the full game.

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