Super Potato: The Best Retro Game Store in Japan


In the last entry of our Laser Japan Time series, we took you inside Tokyo’s massive arcade playground. What we didn’t tell you was that in the very same district of Akihabara lies the greatest retailer ever made for classic game fans…

Meet Super Potato, Ladies and Gents! Three whole floors that house one of the biggest retro game collections known to God or Man. Wanna see inside? I know it’s hard for many of you, but HIT PLAY:

Super Potato has multiple locations throughout Japan, but I’m fairly certain the Akihabara location is the biggest. (Feel free to browse their website which I cannot read.) And it’s if not the biggest, it’s undoubtedly the most impressive. For one, you have multiple floors of stuff jammed up to the goddamned rafters.


I’ve heard folks describe the floors as separately themed, but by my estimation, and judging by the ever-shifting nature of what’s considered “retro” (please note the new, yet admittedly small section of original Xbox “Imports”) Super Potato is just trying to cram in as much love and history as they can while skirting the limits of the Japan’s seemingly lenient fire and health codes.


It should go without saying that Super Potato has a fantastic game selection, all amazingly displayed with custom art and immaculately sealed. But unlike damn near any Western retro store I’ve ever seen, sizable sections of the store are cordoned off and devoted to supremely “deep geek” collectibles, including shelves upon shelves of game soundtracks, as well as old art books and strategy guides.

And while not as impressive as the arcades we showcased in our Akihabara video, the top floor of Super Potato is a fully functioning retro arcade. Nothing under 10 years old! And that’s probably what I like most about the store; it’s essentially a massive museum for old games, related merch, demo kiosks and promotional goodies squeezed into one place for preservation. You’d have to be a billionaire hoarder to amass a collection as wonderful as what Super Potato has on display, and since I know longer aspire to that (or so my lady says) I sincerely hope Super Potato will be there for old school gamers to visit when in Japan for years to come. Oh, and if you were ever curious as to where I got that sealed Tiny Toons game I’ve held up in several LT videos, now you know!

That’s it for the games! Feel free to check out our other Laser Japan Time vids, like our visit to the Cat Cafe or the Studio Ghibli Museum, or just click on them embeds below. 

3 thoughts on “Super Potato: The Best Retro Game Store in Japan

  1. My favorite part is the smokey arcade with Snake. If you go to Japan, Super Potato is a must. Even if you’re not a loser game collector like myself, there is enough nerdy shit there to keep people from getting laid for a lifetime. It might be the only place in the world where you can buy a Super Mario World beach towel and a 4-channel HDMI switch that looks like a Super Famicom controller. You might want to look up directions prior, because it is in an alley a couple blocks off the main drag, and whatever you do, don’t give money to the Monk who is trying to fix his Temple. He’s lying.

  2. Thanks for posting more of these Japan videos. I’m glad all the Japan discussions from years past has more visual representation on the site. I’m hoping the Tokyo Disney one goes live soon.

    Thanks for taking the time to edit this and post it, even if it doesn’t get the views you’re hoping for.

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