Monday Night Movie – Ernest Goes to Jail


Brettober begins with my favorite Ernest film, the one where he gains magnetic / electric powers, dresses as an elderly woman and consumes an ink pen in front of a courtroom. Oh he also goes to jail. Hence the name.


You can watch along LIIIIVE with us at 6pm Pacific on our YouTube channel, or you can keep this tab open and we’ll have the player embedded for your lazy ass. The movie’s not realllly streaming anywhere, but it’s possible to buy digitally. Get a copy and watch along!

Rent digital on YouTube, Google | Buy Blu-ray | Buy on iTunes

STREAM OVAA, VERN! Subs to the Laser Time Patreon may enjoy the video/audio commentary at their leisure, everyone else may grab it a la carte via our Bandcamp Page

If you’re curious about our past commentary streams, check out our Bandcamp page ORRRRR you could become a dear, beloved Patron and help fuel our chronic Ernest habits. Such as:

Let this also serve as a reminder for our next MNM – Godzilla 1984, which is out on Blu-ray for the first time ever… tomorrow! Grab a copy and watch that shiz with us on September 26!




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