The Best New Amazon Releases: A Civil War Between Transformers And Godzilla


Massive movies both new and old, a top Xbox One exclusive alongside two major re-releases, and tons of other great games and movies round out this week’s list of Amazon releases!

Never forget THESE GREAT VALUES! We’re fresh off an eclectic Laser Time week where we’ve discussed Adam Sandler’s product placement, 9/11’s 15th anniversary (with a free Bonus Time), and 1980s live-action movies that became cartoons. Just as we’ve had an epic week of content, this week is insane with the different movies and games newly available on Amazon. We’ve got some of 2016’s most-anticipated new releases AND re-releases, as well as the biggest movie of this year and two of Brett Elston’s all-time favorite flicks! As we approach the holiday season, keep in mind if you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you’ll save 20% on new or pre-order physical games we link to (read: not digital codes). Why wait for a deep discount when you get one at launch?! Anywho, here’s this week’s best new games and movies!

ReCore has been a bit of an anomaly. It was a pretty monumental E3 reveal that then went back into the shadows during the rest of development, with barely any real gameplay hitting the internet until it’s almost-out-of-nowhere release. To that end, it’s not the killer-app exclusive we expected and that Microsoft needs, but it’s good and different, even if it’s far from perfect. You can bet we’ll be discussing this one at length during Vidjagame Apocalypse this week to further suss out whether ReCore is worthwhile. This Xbox One exclusive may have divisive reviews, but you can undoubtedly get the best deal possible by saving 20% with an Amazon Prime subscription!

Dead Rising
This is a pretty big week when it comes to re-releases, as two ancient last-gen games get the requisite framerate and resolution upgrades a decade later. First up is Dead Rising, one of the first games to showcase the power of the Xbox 360 and its ability to put tons of the undead onscreen together. We’re hopefully playing this during one of our weekly streams, so look forward to tons of zombie bloodshed and perverted camera angles. While the PS4 version above is your path to enjoying the original Dead Rising on a PlayStation platform for the first time, there’s also an Xbox One version if you’re a traditionalist. You’ll find a malls-worth of savings if you buy this with an Amazon Prime subscription as the discount rises to 20% off!

BioShock: The Collection
Another 2006 relic getting proper restoration, BioShock may  be the most talked-about series of the previous generation. There’s the unforgettable original that mixes clever gunplay with tough choices, the refined sequel that perfects many of the original’s flaws but sticks to a familar setting, and the divisive third game that has seen public perception shift in the years since launch (the topic of last week’s Vidjagame Apocalypse). Since BioShock is all about choice, it makes sense that you have your pick of platforms, too! There’s the PS4 version above, as well as Xbone version. No matter which path you take, it’ll be a circus of values if you have an Amazon Prime subscription and the 20% discount that accompanies it.

Captain America: Civil War
So Ghostbusters is getting renamed, but this movie is still oddly leading with a single superhero’s name, even though it’s just as crossover-y as any Avengers movie. Naming quibbles aside, Civil War currently stands as the best superhero movie of 2016 with no other movie really standing much of a chance to dethrone this blockbuster comic book brawl-stravaganza. We already discussed Civil War at length during a recent Laser Time, but you can bet this flick’ll be a Monday Night Movie before long.

Transformers: The Movie
If you’ve been following Laser Time for any length of time, you know I (Brett) am all about Transformers: The Movie. During its 30th birthday we streamed a live commentary track (grab that here!), posted a GIF-tastic article and capped it all off with a huge segment on Thirty Twenty Ten. If, after all that, you still don’t want to own this needlessly competent animated wonder, then we don’t know what to say. Again, it’s much better than you think and requires NO prior knowledge to enjoy. -BRETT

The Return of Godzilla
While Godzilla began as a walking nuclear allegory, he quickly became a hero to children and defender of Japan’s coastline. But, once the silliness of 60s and 70s wore off, it was time to get back to basics – and that’s where Godzilla Returns, aka Godzilla 1984 (or 1985 in the US) comes into play. ‘Zilla is a mean ol’ monster again, functioning as a source of conflict in the middle of the Cold War. As a kid this was a great antithesis to the goofball antics of G v Megalon, even if some of the effects are hokey by today’s standards. BUT! If you want a reasonably good Godzilla movie where he’s just a badass villain, this is for you… and we’re gonna watch it for the Monday Night Movie later this month so buy a copy and help us out! -BRETT

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
Look at this, children; this right here may have Andy Samberg’s last widely-released comedic vehicle. After the unjustly overlooked Hot Rod, Samberg and his Lonely Island cohorts gave it another go with a topic more mainstream than stuntmen when he made this pop music spoof movie. It too failed to set the box office afire, so Sandberg might just stick with the dang-funny Brooklyn 99 while he rehabilitates his Hollywood image with some indie hits. Anywho, The Lonely Island have a pretty sterling record when it comes to comedy so Popstar might be worth popping into your Blu-ray player!



Kingdom Hearts III
Gears of War 4
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare PS4 Legacy Edition
Dishonored 2: Limited Edition
Watch Dogs 2: Gold Edition
The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Special Edition
Pokemon Sun and Moon Steelbook Dual Pack
Mafia III

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  1. Hey, don’t look at me Dave. I saw Popstar in theaters unlike all you fools (the fools being anyone who didn’t see Popstar in theaters). It’s one of my favorite film of the year and, without a doubt, the most underrated film of the year. I’m sure that just like Hot Rod and MacGruber it will be a cult classic and a film that everyone will quote years later.

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