Kingdom Hearts – Peter Pan


In our final Disney World, we’re off to find Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Captain Hook, Wendy, and what the hell, SMEE!

Our last visit to a true Disney-themed stage will live in your hearts forever!

Catch up on Kingdumb Farts, or Laser Time’s complete playthrough of Kingdom Hearts here or in the playlist below! (Almost done, people)

2 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts – Peter Pan

  1. Can’t wait for Hollow Bastion because, as Brett mentioned, the music is great.

    Also just some tips since you guys are just trying to run through if you want to make your lives easier: go through your characters abilities and make sure you have as many extra skills equipped as possible because they’ll help you and your party do more damage and also live longer, and when you go to Traverse Town remember to buy the strongest weapons you can for Donald and Goofy since they’re both likely using very weak ones limiting how helpful they can actually be to you.

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