The Redemptive Powers of Lego Dimensions


Perhaps combining dozens of beloved IP into one package isn’t Lego Dimensions greatest superpower? After looking at the new levels and minifigs, it looks as if the game can offer gaming’s biggest tragedies another lease on life…

You know me. I shouldn’t have to apologize for this. Throw ET, the Goonies and Gizmo on just about anything and you’re going to take my money. With that in mind, hear me gush about an aspect to Lego Dimensions I hadn’t really thought of before. Everyone deserves a second chance.

For more of this dorky stupidity, be sure to check our my gushing salute to 16 bit Disney games and their unprecedented rerelease. And yes, IMO, this is the greatest thing released in 2016.


If you’re interested in getting Lego Dimensions, by all means use our Amazon links below and help us out. FYI, there’s a PS4 exclusive starter pack with Supergirl, but other than that, there is no new starter pack, and the older (cheaper) one will do ya fine. You may then scoop up any Character/Story/Expansion packs at your leisure.






2 thoughts on “The Redemptive Powers of Lego Dimensions

  1. I totally agree with you Chris, it’s a cool thing that they’re able to take recognizable and make little bite sized gameplay experiences with them. While I don’t have Lego Dimensions, I do like the minifigs and I’ve been keeping my eyes open for ones of properties I enjoy. As a child I imagined Star Wars and Ninja Turtles lego sets and it’s nice to see other people explore some of the more interesting movies and characters of the last 30 years and create fun with them,

  2. It’s cool to see this happening. Now i just have to wait awhile (maybe Black Friday) for the new ones to be 50-60% off and thus a reasonable price (they were last August and I stocked up big time).

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