Talking Simpsons – Lisa The Beauty Queen


Lisa isn’t feeling too pretty on this week’s podcast, so Homer does his best to help her by putting her in a beauty pageant. And somehow that leads to her becoming an activist? We unlock it all in this week’s podcast…


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14 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Lisa The Beauty Queen

    1. I can also confirm the unlicensed Disney businesses. When I went to preschool in 1998, the place was called Cinderella School with a huge exterior mural of just the Disney version of the character. It’s still around today. In the same area of Miami, there’s a Snow White Pre-School that’s the same deal.

  1. Much like the show itself, this podcast has developed into a divine combination of pop culture and social history, abusrdist comedy, and startlingly intimate psychotherapy. The expanded runtime is definitely beneficial, as the looser, discursive discussions serves to highlight your collective skill as hosts.

    Keep up the great work.

    Also, Henry’s right, Cabaret is fantastic!

  2. I definitely didn’t get the Vanessa Williams reference in the many many times I’ve seen this episode. Real good podcast boys, keep it up.

  3. I’ve seen this episode probably 30-40 times in my life and it wasn’t until the podcast that I realized Krusty was saying “heartily”. I always thought he was saying “hardly” which always confused me. Nice to have the “click, click” joke cleared up as well. Great job as always guys.

  4. Chewing Gum Walk / Wrigley is a 50’s call and response joke guys would do with one another as women walked by. Wrigley is just a play on words talking about her butt. Think construction workers and a woman walks by kind of set up.

  5. Shit moving just twice? I wish I was that lucky. Hell I moved like 4 times in one year once.

    Then again my childhood was far from normal so I guess most people aren’t used to that. I changed schools constantly and had little stability YET I made it fine without being an asshole, alcoholic, or druggie. Rise above ya’ll.

  6. I just wanted to comment on how much I love listening to your show. My kids (6 and 10) absolutely adore the Simpson’s now and frequently quote it to me. You may have two Patreon backers in my house someday! Well, actually, by the time they’re old enough to pay for Patreon you will hopefully have given up completely on this podcast. Around the start of season 10 it will go from fun to torture.

    My youngest has really seized on this oddball quote. “Look Big Daddy, there’s regular Daddy” from the Simpson’s Spin Off showcase. Not the best episode, but hearing a 6 year old say it is pure comedy gold.

    Finally, when in the world will seasons 4-9 become available for sale digitally? Does anyone know if that’s ever happening? I want to watch at will through Amazon damnit!

    And no I refuse to pay for cable just to get the FX streaming app.

  7. I also want to add that Ikea rules. All furniture is shit and at least Ikea is cheap about it. I bought an amazing couch from them that has become “MEGA COUCH” in my house and it has completely changed my living room experience. I essentially have a couchbed in my living room and I can’t imagine living any other way.

  8. I’m pretty sure the Bob Hope USO riot in the show refers to an actual incident involving angry soldiers and Bob Hope in what he deemed one of the worst days of his life.

    Basically during a 1969 USO Christmas tour Bob Hope showed up at a base filled with 10,000 soldiers but instead of the laughs or excitement he normally got during his shows he got “the coldest, most unresponsive audience my show had ever played to.” What he found out later was that most of the soldiers had been in actual combat earlier that morning and had saw friends and fellow soldiers killed or injured in the fighting and they had been ordered to attend the show instead of resting because the USO Production wanted to show off a big crowd for the television cameras. Part of his show was Bob Hope reading off the latest news and war bulletins and he reported on how Richard Nixon had a plan to end the war “soon” which caused a massive reaction and many people began to boo the stage, not at Hope but at the idea of Nixon getting them out of the water. Troops began to give the stage the finger and throwing stuff, eventually trying to rush the stage which caused fifty-four military police to show up and guard the stage. Eventually Hope gave up and ended the show though Hope said it was the only show to end terribly and almost every other show was enjoyed by the troops. That and fact it ends with a Huey helicopter pulling them out reminiscent of the Fall of Saigon makes me sure it’s all a reference to that one Vietnam show.

    Also about the whole no war going on thing, the episode aired in October 1992 which was when the United States started sending aid and military forces in support of the United Nations humanitarian intervention in Somalia, which a year later in October 1993 lead to the Battle of Mogadishu which you might remember from the movie “Black Hawk Down”.

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