Double Dare, Departed, South Parkcraft and That Thing You Do – Sep 30-Oct 6


This week 30, 20 and 10 years ago: Double Dare debuts on Nickelodeon as My Pet Monster tears up the toy aisle; Tom Hanks wrangles a group of one hit wonders; and South Park skewers Warcraft while DiCaprio faces off with Damon, Wahlberg and Nicholson.

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Other topics covered include:


7-up sold to group that owns Dr Pepper and A&W, now the Dr Pepper Snapple Group. Used to be called Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda, contained lithium until the 50s.

-Tough Guys and Children of a Lesser God debut in theaters, as does the Tangerine Dream-scored The Park is Mine.

-Double Dare begins in Nickelodeon, would run until 1993 in various incarnations (Super Sloppy, Family) hosted by Mark Summers.

-A-Ha’s “Scoundrel Days” releases with the single “Cry Wolf.” It doesn’t get nearly the same amount of airplay as “Take On Me” but it’s a nice li’l song.



Matchbox 20’s “Yourself or Someone Like You” debuts. Will eventually sell 15 million albums thanks to singles like “3am,” “Push” and “Back to Good.”

Aenima – Tool’s third major label album, included album art and lyrics that reference Bill Hicks’ “Arizona Bay” bit.
Belly to Belly – Warrant
From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah – Nirvana Live album, sixth platinum album
Fountains of Wayne – debut album, known most for 2003’s Stacy’s Mom
A Worm’s Life – Crash Test Dummies follow up to triple platinum God Shuffled His Feet
Republica – debut album, out in UK this week with dat “Ready to Go” jam

The Glimmer Man and Bound debut alongside That Thing You Do

Seinfeld episode “The Bizarro Jerry” airs. One of the show’s best eps; man-hands, Kramer pretending to work at an office, and Elaine hanging out with a group of friends who are physically similar to Jerry, George, and Kramer (though they’re actually nice)

Star Trek Deep Space 9 season 5 premiere “Apocalypse Rising” airs. ALSO this week on 10/6, the special Star Trek: 30 Years and Beyond airs

-Animal Planet launches

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman airs the episode “Swear to God, This Time We’re Not Kidding” where Lois and Clark FINALLY marry. This coincided with the comic book Superman: The Wedding Album, which also featured said wedding, and included the work of 30 former Superman artists (almost every living artist who had worked on a Superman comic)

-WipEout 2097 / XL launches, ushering in an era of “cool” games that help legitimize the previously just-for-kids hobby. Between the slick visuals and an ultra-modern licensed soundtrack (w tunes from Prodigy, Future Sound of London and Fluke), WipEout further distinguished the PlayStation from the N64 and Nintendo in general. Combine this with hits like GoldenEye 007, Ocarina of Time, Metal Gear Solid and Tekken 3 and we start to see late teens / adults view games as something “cool” and not dismiss them as something from their childhood years.



-The Killers’ “Sam’s Town” releases after “When You Were Young” prepped folks as the first single. Subsequent hits include “Bones” and “Read My Mind.”

-Robin Thicke, Beck both have new albums out this week

-The Queen, Open Season, Employee of the Month, Trailer Park Boys release alongisde The Departed

SNL’s 32nd season premieres, and due to massive budget cuts, it’s one of the smallest casts ever. With Horatio Sanz, Rachel Dratch, Tina Fey, and Chris Parnell (for the second time) leaving the show and no new hires, only 11 cast members were around this season. Seth Meyers became Weekend Update’s co-anchor alongside Amy Poehler (who was already an anchor). The season premiered with the most 2006 host-musician pairing possible, Dane Cook and The Killers

-Friday Night Lights premieres. One of Dave’s favorite shows ever and it’s all about a topic I hate – high school football. Adapted from the 2004 film (which itself was adapted from a 1990 book), it focuses on Texas high school football coach Eric Taylor, his family, and his players

Freak Show premieres on Comedy Central (animated series with H Jon Benjamin & David Cross) and The Nine premieres (LOST style show where 9 people are tied together by a bank robbery and we’re shown flashbacks) on ABC

The South Park Episode “Make Love, Not Warcraft” airs, featuring in-game animation of the boys as they seek out a griefer who kills their squad. Kicks off the second half of season 10, with a great run of episodes that includes “Mystery of the Urinal Deuce” (with the Hardly Boys who are really into clues), “Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy” (niceeeee), and Go God Go, where Cartman ends up in the year 2546 after trying to cryogenically freeze himself until the Wii launches

Third season premiere of Lost, entitled “A Tale of Two Cities.” Jack, Sawyer, and Kate are trapped at The Others’ camp (as they are for roughly half the season while the showrunners were unsure of when the end date for the show would be). We’ll check back later in the season when the universally agreed-upon worst Lost episode airs








18 thoughts on “Double Dare, Departed, South Parkcraft and That Thing You Do – Sep 30-Oct 6

  1. Brett’s very earnest love of The Killers is a little weird…. you play so much awesome stuff on VGMpire but this middle-of-the-road teen music is one of yr favorite albums of all time ._.

  2. I am such a huge TPB fan. I regularly watch the episodes the same way as I do with The Simpsons, seen all the movies which aren’t as good as the show is. And regularly watch their videos on their own site Swearnet. I will definitively agree with anyone who says their shows haven’t felt the same since the last few seasons especially season 10 which was a disaster. I still look forward to new episodes on Netflix and quote some of my favorite lines. This show is definitely 100% comfort food to me.

    1. couldn’t have said it better. I can just take a day and veg out through an entire season. since I’m Canadian, I’ve been watching the show for over 10 years, wow.

        1. 8 and 9 were pretty good, thought 9 was better because dancer was such a fun character to watch, but I felt pretty insulted with season 10. their millionaire buddies going to the park really broke the immersion of the story. I prefer them finding a way to make their money through something greasy just no by snoop giving julian money whenever julian wants it.

  3. boooo Sam’s Town, Beck’s The Information is a phenomenal album. it was the last time he got funky in 10 years, hopefully this new record will be upbeat and fun. dude’s been singing sad songs for too long.

  4. Just want to say I love the show, but one thing I’ve noticed is you guys never really talk about books. As a result, you’ve missed some interesting stuff, including one from this very week.

    October 1, 1986 — Robert Munsch, Love You Forever: If you have been to a baby shower in your life, you have probably seen this given to the mother as a gift. It’s the one with the cover where the baby is making a huge mess in the bathroom. It’s about how the mother sings a lullaby about how she will always love the child forever, and when she dies he continues the cycle with his daughter. Apparently the author wrote it after he and his wife had two stillborn children.

    Other recent examples (forgive me if I missed these being mentioned—it’s a lot to keep up with):
    Stephen King, IT – September ’86
    The first Babysitter’s Club book (“Kristy’s Great Idea”) – August ’86
    George R.R. Martin, “A Game of Thrones” – August 1, 1996
    Chuck Palahniuk, “Fight Club” – August 17, 1996
    Cormac McCarthy, “The Road” – September 26, 2006

    Just a sampling.

    Keep being amazing!

  5. Hey guys,

    Love the show, can’t wait to listen every week! I’m only at the beginning of this one, but I just had to hop on and give some quick feedback on the intro.

    I’m sure it is more work/time than you guys want to commit to, but just FYI, you CAN embed images in podcasts, and have them trigger with audio playback. However, as far as I know, they will only work this way on Apple/iTunes. They are called “enhanced podcasts”, and I’ve listened to a few over the years. I think SmodCast used to do it, and I know the official Lost podcast did it, as well as Superego. But of the thousands of episodes I’ve listened to over the past decade, those are the only ones I can actually remember taking the time to do it.

    Here’s an article on how to do it:

    As you can see, it is dozens of steps and it is dated 2008, so I’m guessing it isn’t really worth the time it takes to do it, but it IS possible! 🙂

    Ok, back to listening to the episode…

  6. As much as I enjoy Hot Dad’s music, I hope the second season takes a cue from so many TV shows and cuts the opening down from the 40 seconds it takes now.

  7. Sad fun fact. The store Fountains of Wayne has since closed. Want to say 7 years ago or so. Nothing interesting replaced it… and it was a fountain outdoor decor store so it wasn’t that big a hurdle.

  8. I honestly can’t stand The Departed. Everything was so overwrought with ham-fisted, mafia tough-guy bullshit. The only thing more preposterous than the idea that DiCaprio was a remotely believable undercover cop was the fucking ridiculous rat at the very end.

  9. At Nickelodeon Universe in Mall of America they have been doing a mini Double Dare show daily. They get a couple kid volunteers from the crowd and they have 3 or 4 obstacles for them to do. I think they end up getting a free t shirt for their trouble.

  10. Hey Brett! I’ve been a bit of a silent user but I’ve loved your podcasts since I first listened to tdar 5. I just wanted to reach out to you about a platform that I’ve been working on for podcasters that want to add pictures and video to their podcasts send me an email to We’re looking to release soon but I’m always looking for more input.

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