Vidjagame Apocalypse 183 – N64’s Third-Party Exclusives


The Nintendo 64’s North American debut happened 20 years ago this week. Because any list of its best games would be dominated by Nintendo titles (and would be utterly predictable), let’s take a slightly less well-trod road and count down five of the console’s best third-party exclusives. We then dig into a bustling week of new releases that includes Forza Horizon 3 and XCOM 2 on consoles, discuss our face-on impressions of Battlezone on PlayStation VR, and talk about your favorite videogame foods.

Question of the Week

What’s an N64 game that you overlooked but would like to get into?



Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Gorgeous My Stage from Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. Haunting and beautiful New Releases Theme by David B. Cooper.

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Kingdom Hearts III
Gears of War 4
Mafia III
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17 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 183 – N64’s Third-Party Exclusives

  1. Being an N64 Stockholm syndrome victim (I got my ps1 after the redesign) there weren’t many games I missed on the system thanks to friends and rentals. There was one game i remember seeing, but because the box art looked so lame (I was a pre-teen) I skipped it. .that game was blastcore. I still don’t know what that game is about, I just remember it had a weak CG looking box art of a robot stepping on a dumb truck.

    Will somebody please tell me what blast core is?!

  2. QOTW: My friends all got N64s at launch and had the exact same (mostly first party) games. I had asked for a N64 for Christmas, and they all told me to buy games they didn’t have so that we could borrow each others’ stuff. That’s when I realized that I had already played all the games that looked interesting at my friends’ houses, so I got a PS1 instead. At the top of my short list of N64 games, though, was Mischief Makers, which I never got around to playing.

  3. did none of you play Treasure’s MISCHIEF MAKERS at the time?? since you’ve put Turok and Body Harvest above that game….which is a SIN; it holds up way better than that Native American fog simulator!!

    1. I did, but nobody else had, and I generally find that “group shares knowledge of the game” entries are a lot more enjoyable than “one person explains game to group (and is constantly interrupted by jokes)” ones. That’s one reason why I said at the start that it’s not a definitive list. Still a fantastic game, though!

  4. Yeah, I’d say Mischief Makers. It’s a Treasure Platformer and it’s pretty wacky. I’d play it again, but I’d still have to slog through Mario 64.

  5. QOTW: Even though I was an underaged Doom-fanboy back in the day, I always avoided Doom 64 thinking that it is another console port from a game that I pretty much can finish with my both eyes closed while listening to classical symphonies blasting through my Sony Walkman. Now almost twenty years later internet has taught me that the game is actually a whole different experience on good ol’ N64 and actually quite well received as well. Shame on 10-year old Doom-fanboy me, shame on…

  6. Oh yeah, Heidi reviewed the River City Ransom game for Gamespot. Looks interesting, it’s $35, but Natsume claims they’re not going to reprint it or something.

  7. I know this is shameful but the one game that people have so much nostalgia for is the one that I skipped. This was 007 Golden eye. I hear from so many people about how it changed their lives, or how much time they spent having epic 4 player couch battles. I’ve played it here and there but because it’s controls, mechanics and game design are so outdated compared to modern FPSs I just find it completely impenetrable without the rose tinted glasses of nostalgia to make up for it’s short comings..

  8. I came late to the N64 party, late enough that when I got mine second-hand the first game I got was Super Smash Brothers, followed quickly by Banjo-Kazooie and Ocarina of Time, so I completely missed Mario 64. I was aware of it’s existence, but I figured that my 3D world exploring needs were met by Banjo-Kazooie, DK 64, and later Banjo-Tooie, so I never got to it. Now, hearing people talk about how great it was I wish I had.

  9. QotW: Well oh man I loved Turok back in the day but I can’t believe I never played its sequel! I probably couldn’t afford it back in ’98. I was a poor kid, not like boo whoo but no dinero. Some things never change. Nah I kid, wink.

  10. Because I was a poor teen with only a minimum wage super market job with only enough coin for the Marios / Banjos and Zeldas during the N64 era, I missed out on Robotron 64. I tried it once at a kids house that was notorious for having everything (all the game systems, games, toys, super soakers, vhses you get it). … that kid. Anyway, it was manic, hyper action perfected bliss. Robotron 2084 is tied with Ms. Pacman as my go to Arcade game and Robotron 64 translates transcendently on a 3D plain. It needs an HD remake. It needs a Champion Edition Deluxe version. And I want it to burn my retinas and blister my thumbs! Oh I would buy a N64 just for this game, is it even on any VC?

  11. When it comes to N64 games and wrestling one that I always wished I played is Virtual Pro Wrestling it was made by Aki so it played just like the great WCW and WWF games except with a roster full of japanese legends like Kobayashi, Misawa, Chono, and Liger. Over 100 wrestlers from 4 different organizations with real life venues and ring announcers, it’s definitely on my bucket list of games to import

  12. The second segment was MAGIC. Haven’t laughed that hard at an episode of VGA in a while. By game deals it felt like a bit of a descent into madness (IN THE BEST WAY).

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