Monday Night Movie: October 2016 Schedule!


Let’s get scary! But first, a quick ship up to Boston…

Typically, we only do our Monday Night Movies, your regular chance to watch a movie with your pals from Laser Time, somewhere around twice a month. However, this is not a typical time! This being October, a wonderful month of spooky, Halloweeny activity, we’re going to double that output with some horror-infused splendor. Please join us, won’t you?! You can join us LIVE ever damn near every Monday this month (except the 31st, please go dress up and get drunk), or at any time by being a Patreon, where you’ll receive an audio and video commentary at no extra charge, or any time a la cart via Bandcamp. Plus there’s still time to vote on Oct. 24th film if you’re a Patron! Here’s the skedge!


The Departed
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THE DEPAHTED! As I stated on Thirty Twenty Ten, The Departed is essentially the newest comfort film I’ve allowed into my regular rotation, give or take how many fucking times I’ve seen certain Marvel movies and The Force Awakens (watch them with me!) But Martin Scorsese’s Academy Award Winning return to gangsta shit is one of the finest, most quotable movies since… well, Goodfellas. I feel old just saying that, but this really is a beautiful film, and features what are easily my all-time favorite performances by Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson. Whatever, maybe just indulge me? We get over this wicked pissa’ Bwostony hump and we’re smack dab in October horror!


The Thing
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IMPORTANT NEW TIME: The livestream will begin at 12PM Pacific instead of our regularly scheduled time. Please adjust your calendars!  

Our Patrons have just voted, and edging out Halloween, Cabin in the Woods, Event Horizon (huh?) and the Evil Dead remake, is John Carpenter’s The Thing (sway the vote next time by becoming a Patron) Perhaps the greatest remake of all-time, Carpenter’s take on an alien in the arctic is one of the greatest practical effects showcases ever forged. Every damn thing you’ll see is so wonderfully, elaborately grotesque, this movie holds up every second you can’t see a computer 1982 computer interface. If you haven’t seen The Thing, PLEASE TUNE IN. You’re in for a real treat.


Shaun of the Dead
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The first if the Cornetto Trilogy, and quite possibly the finest Horror Comedy of our time. The only thing the diminishes my love for Shaun of the Dead is how much more I love Edgar Wright/Simon Pegg/Nick Frost’s subsequent films. It’s no slight to say this is the most straight-forward of their genre-based collaborations, and its certainly no less enjoyable. It’s been a while, so I can’t wait to revisit this. Find out with ya boys, this Oct 17th.



In case you don’t remember, we tend to leave up the occasional movie choice to Laser Time Patrons. This poll has yet to go live, so consider that your cue to keep your Patronage in good standing before we all fall headlong into November. Stay tuned for concrete dates and times by following us on Twitter and/or Facebook.

Again, thank you Patrons for all of your suggestions. Hopefully, we can nail something good for the final film, and maybe squeeze in a couple of surprised before the end of the month. And of course, we strongly encourage you to become a Laser Time Patron, use our Amazon links whenever possible, or maybe even check out a couple of our commentaries on our Bandcamp page.

3 thoughts on “Monday Night Movie: October 2016 Schedule!

  1. Even without knowing the final community choice, this is gonna be a great month of commentaries. And I’m sure the group pick will be fun, it usually is.

  2. great great great great list chris, this is a good month the thing and shawn of the dead are two favorites of mine. lets hope the community picks something good for my birthday commentary stream.

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