Monday Night Movie: The Departed


THE DEPAHTED! Look, I know it’s October now, but Martin Scorsese’s Oscar-winning saga could be considered horror as long as you hate murder and wicked Bwoston accents…

Our full October Monday Night Movie schedule has been revealed, and this here’s the only October outlander. As discussed on Thirty Twenty Ten, one of our favorite movies has just turned 10-years-old, and you bet your arse and cwock that’s an occasion most pissa’!

LIVE CWOMMENTARY IS OVA, KID! Getcha Depahted commentary either on Bandcamp or on Patreon

Following that, Laser Time Patrons can get their audio/video commentary, or you can pick it up a la carte on our Bandcamp page. Be sure to check out our full Monday Night Movie schedule for October. The final film for October has yet to be decided on, and you can help by being a Patron.

4 thoughts on “Monday Night Movie: The Departed

  1. I love this movie, but the Boston accents are sooo bad. Almost JFK level.

    People need to realize that 3/4 of Boston doesn’t even have that accent. That is a very South-Boston (Southie) specific accent.

    For some reason, Mark Walberg’s is one of the worst. Even though he is from Dorchester. He plays it up way too much.

      1. He exaggerates it and it ends up sounding worse than some other ones.

        If you want to see a real Boston accent, watch any video of the late Mayor Tom Menino.

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