The Long Kiss Goodnight, 30 Rock and JOHN CENA – Oct 7-13


Wes Craven’s Deadly Friend succumbs to studio meddling while the FOX Network kicks off with Joan Rivers. In 1996 The Long Kiss Goodnight debuts alongside Hey Arnold, and 2006 brings us The Marine, 30 Rock and the Scarface sequel we all wanted so badly.


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13 thoughts on “The Long Kiss Goodnight, 30 Rock and JOHN CENA – Oct 7-13

  1. That Scarface game, while having a ridiculous premise, actually gave me a lot of fun. It probably doesn’t hold up at all, but things like the shark attack death and the horrid Pacino impression made left an impression on my memory.

    1. Also, HOME from X-Files is such an amazingly disturbing episode. In senior year, a lot of my friends were still taking Biology class, and the teachers showed them this episode during one of the units, and everyone was astounded at what the hell they had seen, and I was just like “sogood.gif.”

  2. I was the right age for Kenan and Kel and Hey Arnold. They became my religious viewing growing up.
    Would also be pretty awesome to get a birthday shout out segment for the 24 of october this month since its one of my favorite shows to listen too.

  3. I haven’t listened to this yet, but if you’re mean to The Long Kiss Goodnight, like you were to The Rock, I’m going to cry myself to sleep.

  4. Not to defend an incredibly mediocre and forgetful game, but I think y’all missed a major plot point in Scarface if you’re criticizing the game for him not wanting to kill children.

  5. Scarface chooses not to kill kids. He is asked to do a hit on a drug guy who has his kids in the car with him and he refuses. That’s directly from the Pacino movie.

  6. Speaking of the launch of Fox News — there’s a book from like last year called THE LOUDEST VOICE IN THE ROOM which details the birth of Fox and the rise of supervillain Roger Ailes; it’s written in a fun page-turn way, and has tons of vaguely incriminating quotes about your favorite Fox News personalities! There’s also an audible version………
    PS the Marilyn Manson cover they played on MTV in ’96 was ‘Sweet Dreams’ , not ‘Tainted Love’ 😉

  7. I remember Tales of the Abyss as being one of the first PS2 JRPGs I imported, after sinking nearly 300 bucks in buying a modded PS2 to play this on.

    The battle music from Tales of the Abyss is great. Official VGMpire Request for the Tales series!

  8. Parks and Rec even have a Genuwine cameo in the season 6 finale, performing Pony while pictures of Little Sebastian play. I love The Long Kiss Goodnight, The jumping through the window shooting through the ice is one of my favourite ever action scenes. Strangely a female rapper appeared later called Charlie Baltimore and her only hit Money references the shooting through the ice scene.

  9. The actual lions which were mentioned in the discussion of Ghost and the Darkness are in the Field Museum in Chicago. It was really weird seeing this pair of man killing lions in a space which the Field Museum had set up for a 1 year old’s birthday party.

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