LaserTime’s WWE No Mercy 2016 predictions: make yours too!


WWE’s second-ever Smackdown Live-exclusive PPV is this weekend, and Laser Time’s rasslin fans show No Mercy with their predictions. Read our thoughts, and then make your picks with the potential to have your favorite wrestling theme on the next Cheap Popcast!

WWE Clash of Champions is here! It’s not quite a Night of Champions, and it’s not quite a Clash of THE Champions, but every Raw title is on the line and you’ve got to expect one or two major changes to occur during Raw’s first exclusive PPV in awhile. We went through every title match (and then some) in WWE 2K16, and you can watch the fun below!

Anywho, here’s how our prediction contests go. The LaserTime folks will make picks in this here article, and then open up the replies to you great listeners. You will then pick a winner (or if you’re feeling frisky, a rare draw/no contest) for each match (don’t worry about getting the finish right, I’m just looking for winners, if any), and then, just in case there’s a tie for correct predictions, pick a running time for the final match listed (the presumed main event) as a tiebreaker.

If you reap the wealth of your picks and have the most correct predictions, you can make your mark on the next Cheap Popcast episode (exclusive to Patreon) by choosing a theme to close a segment. Pick the wrestler theme and include a YouTube URL to a wrestler’s theme alongside your predictions (including the running time of World Championship match) and I’ll give you a shout-out on the next episode. Got it? Good. Now, onto each LaserTimer’s predictions!

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1 – Jack Swagger vs. Baron Corbin – Pre-show match
Following up his unannounced main-roster debut at WrestleMania this year, Baron Corbin has become the king of the pre-show. He’s already knocked off Apollo Crews and Dolph Ziggler on matches that air for free on YouTube, so I predict Corbin wins again, because… come on, it’s Jack Swagger.
PICK: Baron Corbin

2 – Nikki Bella vs. Carmella
Convention says that the up-and-coming heel gets the win over the veteran with a trick neck and in the twilight of their career. However, Carmella is still too wet behind the ears and is probably Smackdown Live’s greenest girl, so I say Nikki wins and Becky’s next feud is one where WWE’s old guard takes on the new.
PICK: Nikki Bella

3- Curt Hawkins vs. Debut Opponent
I never really cottoned to Curt Hawkins’ original run (though he did have a nice cane), and Chuck Norris facts are hardly an Undertaker-level gimmick in 2016. Still, he’ll at least win his re-debut (on PPV no less). Here’s hoping we get James Ellsworth’s first PPV match ever in the process.
PICK: Curt Hawkins

4- WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions Heath Slater & Rhyno vs. The Usos
Look, I like Heath Slater as much as the next guy, but Slater & Rhyno should not have been crowned Smackdown Live’s first ever tag champs. The division is pretty strong, and the pairing of the comedy guy and the other guy who does all the work has run its course. The Usos need a boost to help with their heel turn, and the tag straps would do nicely before Jimmy & Jey get destroyed by American Alpha.
PICK: The Usos

5- WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler (Title vs Career Match)
It’s very strange that we’re nearing the end of 2016 and we’ve still yet to have Dolph Ziggler’s annual procurement of a secondary title! As (oddly) fantastic as this feud has been, it’s time to wrap things up and I think we go the happy(ish) ending route by having Ziggler finally break through with a big moment this year. He’ll probably still never wear World (or Universal) gold again, but I think winning the resurgent IC title is a far better ending than Ziggler “retiring.”
PICK: Dolph Ziggler

6- Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt
Bray Wyatt really does have magical powers. EVERY feud he’s in seems to drag on forever. To wit; Orton and Wyatt STILL haven’t faced each other, but this feud is already stale. To that end, I think Wyatt finally shakes off a few months of futility and gets a win over Orton. Wyatt’s still never seriously competed for world titles, and I think we’ll see that happen soon and this match is a good launching pad.
PICK: Bray Wyatt

7- WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss
Here’s my NO MERCY LOCK OF THE SHOW. Becky Lynch *just* won the Smackdown Women’s Title, and Alexa Bliss is still not quite at title-holder level. She’s got a great look, but she needs more main roster big match and promo experience before she can be the linchpin and pin Lynch. I just hope this match gets the time to present a proper counterpart to Raw’s epic Women’s Championship main event!
PICK: Becky Lynch

8- WWE World Champion AJ Styles vs. John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose
While I wouldn’t put it beyond WWE to humble a star who made his name elsewhere with a pithy first World title reign, I don’t think Styles is gonna lose his first pay-per-view title defense. For one thing, Dean Ambrose could probably use some time away from world title contention after spending all summer in chase of big belts. No Mercy also seems like a pretty underwhelming time and place for John Cena to tie Ric Flair’s championship reign record. So I say Styles wins via nefarious means this month with Cena getting his big victory at either Survivor Series or Royal Rumble.
PICK: AJ Styles in 23 minutes

Up next… Brett ‘s picks!

8 thoughts on “LaserTime’s WWE No Mercy 2016 predictions: make yours too!

  1. Corbin
    Nikki Bella
    Mystery Person
    The Usos
    Becky Lynch (Unless she doesn’t participate)
    AJ Styles pins Ambrose in 26 minutes
    Ice Train’s Theme -

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