Fantasy Fights: The Season Finale!


It’s all been leading up to this, folks! Ever single victor from over a dozen previous episodes of ourĀ almost-semi-popular Fantasy Fight series goes toe-to-toe to see who truly is the Ultimate Champion!

I don’t know if you’re familiar with our fairly regular Fantasy Fights series over on our YouTube channel, and if I’m being honest, I don’t really care because commentating on our favorite characters unofficially beating the shit out of one another is fun for me whether you’re watching or not. So with WWE 2K17 out this week, we basically want to start the character creation fresh, so we’re dumping off the champs of 2K16 into one amazing colossal Royal Rumble. There are worse ways to spend a Sunday.

This is the one to watch people, but if a match up this TITANIC isn’t our thing, please check out our previous episodes involving Horror Monsters and Disney Princesses, or check out more stuff you’ve likely never seen on our YouTube channel!

One thought on “Fantasy Fights: The Season Finale!

  1. What else does George Bush need to do to creative behind him? He is clearly carrying the company on his back right now, but it seems creative is just unwilling to push him anymore after that whole botched Iraq angle.

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