Mr. President – Watch Us Try To Save A Bad Candidate!


It’s QWOP meets In The Line Of Fire as we try to move an awkward secret service agent into the path of a bullet meant for a jerky political candidate!


If you’ve been paying attention to games this month, you may have heard of Mr. President, a five-dollar indie game that puts you in the shoes of Secret Service Agent Dick “Rock Hard” Johnson as he attempts to (continually) save the orange skin of Presidential candidate and failed businessman Ronald Rump. It’s all fictional, don’t worry!

Anywho, we put a decent chunk of time in with this game, which uses wacky physics to make it even tougher to line up Johnson’s body with a bullet meant for Rump. So if you’re upset about the political jokes made in this little game, then you can chuckle at the floppy flailing of the trained agent.


So click play on the video above and watch along as we hop barrels, crash through walls, and dodge tacos all in the name of democracy!


Looking for more political jokery without any pseudonyms? Watch as we mix Donald Trump’s words with one of the most popular movies of the 1990s in the video below!

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