Nintendo NX is now the Nintendo Switch – Here’s the first trailer


“The mobility of a handheld is now added to the power of a home gaming system to enable unprecedented new video game play styles.” Coming March 2017.

WELP – let’s take a look!




So, it’ll be a relatively powerful piece of TV-connected console tech, but can be.. ahem… SWITCHED into various configurations that allow for mobile use, multiplayer battles and more.

Given Nintendo’s excellent handheld history, I have to remain optimistic about this. While the past decade of its consoles has been the most mixed mixed bag in the history of all baghood, the GBA, DS and 3DS were (and hell, still ARE) amazing and if Nintendo’s found a way to make an all-in-one box, then let’s effin’ go for it.


In the trailer we see footage of a Bethesda game (assuming Elder Scrolls but honestly I haven’t paid super close attention lately) along with Breath of the Wild, Splatoon and Mario. Wondering – does this play Wii U games, IS it a Wii U, or are these ports a la Twilight Princess hopping from GC to Wii ten years ago?

More to learn! Thoughts?

23 thoughts on “Nintendo NX is now the Nintendo Switch – Here’s the first trailer

  1. I will definitely buy this and I’ve never said that about a Nintendo console other than the 3DS. It looks so hecking cool, it might be the game system I’ve wanted all my life and never got.

  2. I want to be mad about this because I just got a WiiU back in April, but this looks really cool and as someone who is often late because she can’t pause a game I like the ability to just straight up take it with you. Great now I’m going to have to figure out to spend my birthday money on this or a ps4 (I’m probably still going to pick ps4 but we’ll see!)

    1. One of the best new features that came about with the Xbox One and PS4 is that save states where you can have your console go to sleep and then pick up where you left off (although obv we’ve seen this from Nintendo’s handhelds before). Glad to see Nintendo takes this concept and transforms it on the go though but that’s not hugely innovative as we saw Sony show that before. This system looks to draw attention to single player and local multiplayer gaming. You can pause those but as all gamers know you can’t pause online games. I was not impressed with the lack of that but I’m also fine with one system not being like the others. The only thing is it’ll always be a 2ND system purchase.

  3. I’m intrigued. Lot of questions based on that trailer (are those new games???). How powerful is this thing, details on the console to portable, price, launch games, etc. However I wasn’t expecting a full blown reveal so this trailer did its job of hyping me for more information. If the launch games and price is right, I’m on board.

  4. oh I see usb ports on the side that means we can plug in our controllers for esports goodness

    but the base needs a GTX 960 so games don’t look like poop on TV’s

  5. it looks like a new mario kart too, one of the racers is King Boo who wasn’t in MK8, and the items look different. I could be wrong and it’s probably demo vaporware

  6. It will be all about the games. If the Wii U had all the third party games the other systems had, it would still be going.

  7. I’m all in. I’m a little concerned about battery life, and I’m just a little irked by the placement of the analog stick on that right joy-con (I know it could change before release but it’s even that way on the logo), but overall, it’s exactly what I wanted. It will be great to see a totally focused Nintendo developing for one console for the first time since NES and the early part of the SNES.

    Side note: Did anyone else see the dancing pianti from Sunshine in the Mario game?

  8. It will be nice for once having the Home Console and Mobile Console stores be consolidated into one store so no more being forced to buy the same game twice. Which is a big reason why I haven’t bought much on the Nintendo e-stores. My only concern now is that mobile games that would have been $30 on the 3DS are going to be $60 on the switch.

  9. What I’m excited about is the idea of just updating the little tablet then just coming out with a whole new console like the PlayStation neo and the Xbox scorpion. Just think about it…every year or two they come out with an updated tablet that has higher gpu and processing power. Since it has a custom Tegra chip, it’ll be exciting to see how powerful this console will be. If I’m correct the tegra 3 is just as or even more powerful than a ps4 and Xbox one. I can talk about this for hours. Lol so excited.

  10. Must say I’m actually interested for the first time since the SNES.

    But I have to be honest I would only be buying it (If I do) for the Nintendo console exclusives and to finally have a handheld. I would still be playing 3rd parties on an Sony or MS box.

  11. This looks like a great little system, the only problem is should I buy it when it first comes out or wait for the more compact version we all know will be coming down the line a year later.

    1. That was the big thing with Nintendo’s handhelds so yeah you have a good point. Since this is a hybrid so it’s both a home console and a handheld. This puts it in a whole new class but it also splits its strengths having to tackle both. If you can trade in the old iterations like we do with phones then maybe Nintendo’s got something. In that case I’d be hoping for better tech coming out and wouldn’t it be crazy if all you had to replace was the tablet itself. Although with all the tech in a tablet and you are gaming a lot, one has to ask how long will those batteries last and will it overheat to the point of causing internal damage to the unit.

  12. It’s Skyrim Remastered. The Mario Kart is actually if not new then remixed, since neither King Boo nor Double Items are in MK8. And that Mario is all-new but very 3D World looking.

    Very excited, but it’ll come down to price point. And the support. And battery life.

  13. I’m particularly optimistic about the list of 3rd party developers, in particular westerners including Take 2 and Bethesda. All of Nintendo’s own development will be consolidated to one platform instead of home and handheld, meaning more regular 1st party games, more frequent jumps in sales as Nintendo loyalists buy in to their familiar franchises, meaning an attractive potential userbase for devs looks for a system that doesn’t require gigantic 4k-ready teams. This could be the PS1 to the 4k world’s N64 — cheaper, more abundant, with fewer frills. This is all assuming we don’t see the monopolistic Nintendo from the 90’s or the pandering / arrogant Nintendo of the Wii years to ruin the good times. But, dangit, Imma buy a Switch on launch day, no doubt.

  14. I’d but a Nintendo system for Nintendo games regardless, even the handhelds despite not really playing them too much away from the house, but something that I think could really make this huge, tremendous, the best, is that the mobile aspect combined with third party support means that people will finally have a reason to buy 3rd party games on a Nintendo system. Mobility. I’m sure there are some people who saw this and lost their minds at the idea of a mobile Skyrim they can play anywhere, anytime.
    Additional thoughts: wonder how the battery life is going to be both on the screen and the mini controllers, wonder how that controller feels, the current tablet market actually helped Nintendo here because it allowed them to make a big bulky handheld because that won’t be seen as too big, wonder how many games that are already out will be ported (From Software was on the list of companies on board, so maybe handheld DS III?), they finally made a console with an easy to distinguish name, this trailer is the most modern video I think Nintendo has ever put together, weird that we got only a trailer and no direct, will Nintendo actually ship enough units to satisfy demand at launch? (it’s not releasing at Holiday so maybe it will be a more reasonable launch), what does this mean for the 3DS (they already gave up on Wii U), what if any backwards compatibility will there be for either physical or digital media, what kind of online infrastructure will it have as far as playing online and interacting with other players and friends?
    Biggest valid concern I’ve seen raised is what the pricing for games will be. Something that might have been priced at $30 as a handheld game may be priced higher as it’s playable on a “home console” as well.
    Day one for me though. Nintendo exclusives are always worth it in my opinion, and this seems like a strong push from Nintendo to go all in by combining their console and mobile divisions into one unit.

  15. I’m probably not going to bro out with my bros at the park playing NBA 2K17, but this thing is going to be amazing for all the conventions I go to. Randomly starting up a smash tournament while waiting 3 hours to get into a panel is something I can see myself doing. If I get a new Luigi’s Mansion and Splatoon within the launch window, it’s a no-brainer for me and I haven’t had a nintendo console since the game cube.

  16. I know that Nintendo is culturally significant to a lot of people who hold the company very near and dear to their hearts. But I can’t help but feel like Tommy Lee Jones in The fugitive: I don’t care.

  17. I’m all in on this thing day one. This fits my gameplay style perfectly where I want to play console games wherever I want in my house (mainly from bed). This is like what the Wii U should’ve been with its off the TV philosophy.

  18. This may be the thing that brings me back to Nintendo. Twin sticks with games you can play on the go or TV? Sign me up!!

  19. Maybe it’s that I grew up, although it was interesting they didn’t show any kids in the reveal, but the more things I want seem to be in the Microsoft camp. I do like how this is emphasising gaming together but that’s the beauty of parties and soon clubs on XBL. Online is also huge now so what’s Nintendo and their new system going to do with it. Are we finally done with friend’s codes and what not? I picked up the Wii U last holiday so I kind of feel like a beta tester. Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy the 1St party exclusives – Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World, Pikmin 3, Zelda: Wind Water HD, Yoshi’s Wolly World & Wii Fit U – I played but I was a little disappointed with this reveal.

    I’m prob going to get the Scorpio as my next console, maybe this again later on.

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