The Mystery Behind The Computer in My Closet: An Interactive Time Capsule

Part 2: The Discovery

To give you some insight, it’s only fair to give you a briefing about my old PC. Around the time when I used my Gateway, I was in college. I was not a heavy PC gaming enthusiast. I was playing on a Game Boy Advance and Gamecube. I moonlighted as a moderator for the IGN Boards, and before you ask, yes, it was filled with assholes.

The first thing I started browsing was where I keep all my needless crap (My Documents, My Pictures), and it’s all what you’d would expect to find.


Notable files: SOAD Zelda Theme.MP3, Chappelle’s Show Rick James soundclip, and old SomethingAwful videos.

My investigation led to a rediscovery of who I was and why I liked this stuff. I mean, why did I like Pink Floyd? Going through some other folders, I did recall having a strange affinity towards Fireman and Fireman.EXE from Mega Man Battle Network. The image below is just a sample of pictures I have saved and downloaded.


I think I had a problem. Also, check out my Vectorworks architectural model.

I kept going through pictures and pictures, much of which was just stupid nonsense. Then I found my old Photoshop work: the glint of a golden nugget in the dirt and mud I call my old computer. There I found a few pieces that, looking back, I can say would have been contenders for at least a participation award if there were Photoshop contests.



This is the reason why I put “Photoshop” under the skills section in my resumé.

As I dug further, I found my way into good old MSN Messenger. There, I found actual conversation logs with friends I had lost contact with over the years. Kind of a tragic tale, given the fact that so many of them seemed like great people. I did find some shared fan art that some of my online friends and I sent to one another, and boy howdy, it said a lot about my interests.


I have no comments.

You know how I wrote earlier that I wasn’t a PC gaming enthusiast? I came across some notes that were shopping lists of computer part prices for my next computer at the time, but until then, I needed some interactive entertainment. I somehow landed a copy of Lego Star Wars, which ran like rotten garbage late in my time with the computer. I did manage to discover some games that I could play without going online, and sure enough, they weren’t official by any stretch.


Super Mario War was one of those games: a four-person competitive fighting game with Mario 3 sprites where you had to jump on your enemies to win. It seems like a game that would have been made as an original local co-op game two years ago.


Another interesting game I found was a clever 2D top-down twin stick shooter of Counter-Strike. It features the same rules one has come to expect from the classic Counter-Strike.

Finally, I decided to check on my Internet history by way of my old web browser. Again, no way of going online, but I still had the ability to see what websites I went to before I turned off the computer for the last time. The most common sites seem to have been IGN, SomethingAwful, and GameFAQs.


One website was edited out for personal reasons.

The last and greatest discovery is on the final page!

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