Laser Time – Horror Comedies


Why settle for just scaring viewers when you can make them chuckle, too? From Young Frankenstein to Ash vs. Evil Dead, we’re discussing the best in horror comedy!


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26 thoughts on “Laser Time – Horror Comedies

  1. No Re-animator? For shame!

    A great, great horror comedy series with the great Jeffrey Combs

    Also – Bubba Ho-tep which stars Bruce Campbell as Elvis fighting a mummy, directed by Don Coscarelli, creator of Phantasm.

    John Dies at the End – also directed by Coscarelli, but I don’t want to spoil it.

  2. Shaun of the dead is when I stopped watching Zombie movies, nothing could top it, so why bother going further?
    Ditto with Hot Fuzz and buddy cop movies…

  3. I said this last week, but since I consider the Brendan Fraser Mummy movie a horror comedy(very much in the same vane as the comedy in the MCU movies), I’ll just repeat it.

    The Brendan Fraser Mummy movie franchise would have been 10x better if, instead of making two more shitty movies about mummies, if they had made movies where Brendan Fraser’s character fought Dracula, The Wolfman and Frankenstein’s Monster instead.

  4. Laser Time has been kicking ass recently again! I will continue to say that Tucker and Dale Vs Evil is highly underrated and a hilarious take on the horror tropes. I was slightly let down that you guys never mentioned What We Do In The Shadows. Only watched it a few nights ago and it has become one of my favorite comedies. It’s a brilliant take on the vampire lore and spoilers werewolve lore. “We’re not swearwolves, we’re werewolves” is just one of many great lines. I know you guys mentioned it before so I would always recommend it to someone who hasn’t watched it yet. great film.

    1. Fuck yes What We Do In The Shadows is fucking great. This episode made me realize how many horror movies I missed out on because I had strict parents growing up… I’m slowly fixing that, just saw The Thing for the first time a couple weeks ago.

  5. John Kassir was the Crypt Keeper, and it looks like he was only Buster Bunny a few times, after Charlie Adler did him most of the time.

    Fido, with Billy Connolly as a pet zombie, was pretty good, my love of Billy Connolly overrode my boredom with zombies.

  6. John Kassir is the Crypt-Keeper, not Charlie Adler, although Kassir did voice Buster towards the end of the final season of Tiny Toons.

  7. Always love the horror themed episodes. If I can defend Ouija for a second though, it doesn’t deserve the flack. I only bring this up because Chris had mentioned it. First off, the first Ouija movie is apparently, trash. It sits at 7% on the Rottentomatoes. I’ve never seen it because smacked of a cash grab. For the second movie, they decided to hire Mike Flanagan. If you don’t know who he is, you should get familiar with him real quick if you enjoy horror. He hasn’t done a bad movie.
    Absentia – Great little indie
    Occulus – Really great mainstream horror.
    Hush – Home invasion with a twist….also great
    Until I Wake – Fun and sometimes scary dark fantasy (think 80’s dark fantasy)

    Needless to say, when they announced him to direct the next Ouija movie, I was skeptical but ready to give it a chance. It was a film that was a lot of fun and oozes with effort. There is no good reason that it is set in the 60’s but they do and I’m sure it doubled the production budget. There are also little touches that you wouldn’t notice (they included film cigarette burns for reel changes). It’s also sitting at a healthy 80% on RT.

    I realize Chris was making a throwaway comment because, by all rights that movie should have been garbage. But if you are a fan of horror, do yourself a favour and check it out.

  8. How does everyone rank the cornetto trilogy
    I go
    1 Hot Fuzz
    2 Shaun of The Dead
    3 Worlds End

    I find worlds end a bit too depressing honestly and since Frost and Pegg arent friends in the movie which is even sadder, and pegg plays an unlikable lead the majority of it plus the endings a bit eh.
    Hot Fuzz still the best.

    1. but they are friends in the movie. the point of it was pegge’s character trying to get everyone back because he was suffering from depression and felt the happiest when he was with them. yeah i know nothing like spaced sorta friends but still friends regardless.

        1. and they go separate ways at the end, And if each movie is about growing up a bit this is the one where pegg doesnt at all.

  9. A good action horror film with comedic elements mainly brought by the lead actor is Deep Rising. It reminds me of the Mummy in that regard but with more actual horror with blood and gore. Treat Williams plays a boat captain who is forced to transport a bunch of mercenaries who intend to rob a luxury cruise ship in international waters, but of course when they get to the cruise ship there’s nobody on-board and signs of a struggle everywhere. Williams basically has to think-on-his-feet and improvise his way to survival between both the heavily armed mercenaries and whatever is lurking on the ship and has plenty of actually funny quips and scenes.

  10. I haven’t finished the episode yet…I’m hoping you guys mention Leprechaun 4 because it’s one of my all-time favourites, but I know it probably won’t make the cut. I used to think it was so bad it’s good, but I’m starting to think it’s just actually good because they succeeded in making a slapstick live-action horror cartoon. “I am no longer Mittenhand…I am MITTENSPIIIIDER”

    1. Forgot to mention the all important full title…Leprechaun 4: In Space! Leprechaun 5: In the Hood is trash though. It doesn’t live up to the lofty standard of late Leprechaun canon.

  11. I’m really really surprised that The Addams Family wasn’t mentioned. It’s been around for decades in comic strip form, in live action television form, in a series of live action movies, and an animated series. When I think of horror-comedy, The Addams Family is the first thing that comes to my mind.

  12. No Fright Night, Fright Night 2, Innocent Blood (awesome Landis made spiritual successor to American Werewolf), or House?!?!

  13. Please stop playing video game music in the background. It’s so distracting I wind up turning off the episode and listening to something else.

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