Sonic Utopia – Open World Sonic Gameplay


An unofficial fan project brings to light the untold reality of a open world Sonic the Hedgehog game. And it’s pretty great.

This is just wonderful. After years of polygonal 2D official games, a couple of fans have come along and shown us what an open world Sonic game could look like. Ladies and gentlemen, Sonic Utopia!


Sonic Team has long claimed that a fully 3D world, devoid of Sonic’s mouthy friends and meaningless crate puzzles, was an impossibility. And with Sonic Utopia, you can kinda see how they were both wrong and kinda right. Fan devs Mr. Lange and Murasaki Fox have created the most enormous incarnation of Green Hill Zone you’ve ever seen, and while it’s an awesome distillation of all the best things from Sonic’s 2D and 3D games, there’s a lot to see, but not a lot to do… Yet! It’s a demo.

But you can quickly see how making multiple levels of this size and scope, populating them with worthwhile objectives, and polishing them into something retail worthy would be a massive undertaking even with a Triple A team and budget. Still, it’s an absolute blast just to run around in, if only to see your pre-1999 3D Sonic dreams realized in a much more authentic, meaningful way.


It’s a little rough around the edges, but a wonderfully playable, highly fun demo, filled with enough potential to get even the most jaded Sonic fan excited. Again. Give it a play for yourself, its a free download. And as a final aside, I got wind of this over the weekend because I’m subscribed to The Great Lange’s YouTube Channel, because he also just so happens to be the creator of the single greatest Mario fan film I’ve ever seen. Cannon Something, everyone.

2 thoughts on “Sonic Utopia – Open World Sonic Gameplay

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  2. This game is actually beginning to really intrigue me. As players are going through it, they’re finding secret rooms that call back to other levels, like Labyrinth Zone. The methods needed to access some of these places is a great way to incorporate the speed element into a 3D Sonic game.

    Sega, these guys may be your new Christian Whitehead.

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