Kingdom Hearts – Shit Happens


In our latest and greatest misfortune while descending into Kingdom Hearts ridiculously lengthy ending finds our underpowered ineptitude overpowered by technical difficulties…

FEEL FREE TO SKIP THIS ONE. As we mentioned on Bonus Time this week, some of you might not be aware of the ridiculously stupid extra steps we’ve been taking with our complete Kingdom Hearts playthrough. Not only do we edit out the games many load sequences, lulls, and our numerous deaths to streamline your viewing experience, we’ve also been doing recording a separate audio track, to be optimally mixed and synced later. This time the process failed us.

So not only do we encounter what is hands down the most ridiculously frustrating areas of the game, we are almost unintelligible under the bombastic hack and slashery during boss battles and a ridiculously cheap enemy rush. But there’s no going back, sadly, and since this is the only way to see our playthrough of this particular area, including not only the game’s largest assortment of both Disney and Square characters, but a colossal boss fight with Fantasia’s Chernabog. We had little choice other than to post this episode, warts and all. Not much we can do, I’m afraid, other than not post the video at all. But hey, you can’t say we didn’t warn you!

Feel free to catch up on some of our other episodes in our Kingdumb Farts playthough, most of which featuring superior audio!

4 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts – Shit Happens

  1. For anyone concerned or put off by the audio warning give it a listen for yourself because it’s actually perfectly fine. Granted I’m no audiophile but this audiofile sounds fine to me. I listened with headphones at normal volume and only found that sometimes Chris and Brett were a little quieter than the game specifically in my right ear, but left ear audio was fine throughout.

    Keep up the good work you two. Almost there. That enemy rush at the end was pretty horrific to the point where I thought Chris was going to just walk out of the room at the end of the video. Thanks for sticking around for our sakes.

  2. I thought the audio was perfect, But I like the game audio being louder than the players, that way I can hear what theyre reacting to unlike ones who super low volume without subtitles.
    Plus the music is nice.

    1. I agree with about the music. Hollow Bastion stands out most in my memories but that battle music at the end was really great. Just the stuff being thrown at you along with that music not so much.

  3. Jesus Christ, game design has changed for the better in the last 16 years. I imagine if you had spent hours leveling your characters that rush wouldn’t be as difficult but even then the sheer amount of shit that is being thrown at you is just, no. Plus all of the enemies with unbreakable animations make this frustrating to watch, I can’t imagine playing. I was ready to throw a controller by the end, good on Chris for not breaking something out of frustration.

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