Happy Halloween From Laser Time!


Just a quickie, animated Halloween greeting card from our friend and site designer, Bryan “Graboids” Ward

Again, big thanks to Bryan Ward, the designer of all the show logos you see before you. Please check out his site for more wonderful art, follow his ass on Twitter, and check out his objectively amazing animations on YouTube.

Tragically, today’s the last day we get to talk about Horror Movies, Spooky Games, and I get to compare Universal’s Monsters to Marvel’s Avengers. Thank for indulging us for our FIFTH Halloween together. If you want to cram some Halloween podcasts in (or full-length movie commentaries), here are your links:

Laser Time – Halloween Comfort Food
Laser Time – Monster Parties
Laser Time – Death is Easy (Actors Who Died on Set!)
Laser Time – Let’s Scare Kids
Laser Time – Horror Camp

Laser Time – Irrational Fears
Laser Time – Evil Kids
Laser Time – Classic Horror Theme Song Quiz
Laser Time – Dracula Facts
Laser Time – Horror By The Numbers
Laser Time – Horror Comedies

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