The Original Castlevania Remade in Unreal Engine

Castlevania fan and game dev, Dejawolf has painstakingly recreated the first few areas of Castelvania in the Unreal Engine. Let’s see how Simon Belmont looks in 3D, and if it can hold up to the NES original…

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Owlboy – So Many Sprites

Nine years in the making, D-Pad Studios’ “high-bit” game takes flight and we’ve volunteered to test pilot. Today at 3PM Pacific (6PM Pacific)

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Ranking the Movies of Desperate D-List Actor Troy McClure

Hello, Laser Time. I’m here to tell you about Troy McClure. This has-been has been a man about Tinseltown, starring in questionable project after questionable project. His film career is hardly discussed, since there is only scant footage and information… Read more

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Col*Aid*Corp – Episode II

(Prologue | Episode I <|> Episode III) The first thing you need to understand about what we do is that space is huge! Like super duper holy moly BIG! In fact, it’s a little too big. That’s why humanity has only developed… Read more

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