The Original Castlevania Remade in Unreal Engine


Castlevania fan and game dev, Dejawolf has painstakingly recreated the first few areas of Castelvania in the Unreal Engine. Let’s see how Simon Belmont looks in 3D, and if it can hold up to the NES original

Just last week, we took a gander at two Sonic fans custom-created an open-world, 3D Sonic game a reality. And right on time for Halloween (well, barely) another fan made game has fallen into our laps: CASTLEVANIA in 3D. Courtesy of the Unreal Engine!


It’s a valiant effort, with a dizzying amount of lighting effects added to the notoriously dark Castlevania series. However, there are certain 2D elements that have a harder time making the jump. Like jumping! But again, it’s a work in progress and plenty of small issues that can be refined later down the line. So as long as Konami doesn’t hit Dejawolf with a C&D, this Castlevania fan remake’s work is not yet finished.¬†Play it for yourself.

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