Sid & Goblins, Clinton & Gore, Elite Beat Agents and Gears of War – Nov 4-10


This week in 86 brought us Sid & Nancy plus a trio of Capcom classics, then 1996 saw the Spice Girls hit it big, Ransom in theaters and Clinton elected for a second term. Flash to 2006 and Gears of War redefines shooters as good-vibe-police spring into action on the Nintendo DS.


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16 thoughts on “Sid & Goblins, Clinton & Gore, Elite Beat Agents and Gears of War – Nov 4-10

  1. Btw even though they weren’t original Disney productions, the company owned the syndication and distribution rights for shows like Golden Girls featured in the celebration. A hand in every pot…

  2. This show reminds me of how much I value Michael Grimm when he’s on a Lasertime show. Because when Antista makes some bizarre, don’t-think-just-speak statement like “Gears of War was the first time game stories started being good,” Grimm would pounce on it and pick it apart for the off-the-cuff unsourced nonsense that it is. He doesn’t stand for shit like that and I love that about him.

    Alas, Elston makes only the most half-hearted objection and then moves on as if a reasonable point has been made.

    1. I was never a fan of Gears, but it was very influential. I think they went on to explain it pretty well. Gears really marks the time that mainstream video games started to not be for me anymore. The commercial is pretty emblematic of that feeling.

  3. Having “Something Wild” as your movie-that-filmed-in-my-hometown claim to fame is a heckuva lot better than mine: Armageddon. Specifically, the scene at the end where the sun rises over the idyllic small town and the kids come running around the corner with toy planes and stuff. They repainted the Coca-Cola sign just for the movie. Still looks pretty good. (They also filmed a lot of Walker: Texas Ranger in my area. Don’t know any specific episodes.)

    Also from my area and mentioned in the show: Bowling for Soup. The lead singer is now the voice of Chuck E. Cheese. Yeah.

    I actually bought Eisenhower on the strength of Even Rats. It’s not a very memorable album other than that track. Before the Slip were a straight-ahead rock group, they were a try-hard fusion-ish outfit. I like “Eube” from their debut album From the Gecko. It’s on YouTube, I think.
    Favorite song from Guitar Hero II: “Soy Bomb”, by a band with a highly excellent name, Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives.

    Finally, like all post-first-movie SpongeBob (excepting the second movie), Best Day Ever SUCKS and I refuse to acknowledge it.

  4. This is a great episode! Your jokes were really on point. I want a full version of Madworld “Gears of War” parody song you made up.

  5. Actually, statistics show that Perot voters were basically split between Bush and Clinton as a 2nd choice – at worst it was 60/40 Bush over Clinton as a 2nd choice.

  6. TMBG were also my first concert! 1997 — I was in middle school. Pinkerton-era Weezer was my second concert, I think later that year!

  7. Fun fact: My family visited Disney World during their 15th anniversary. I guess I was nine at the time. We also visited SeaWorld and later spent a few days at a completely empty Daytona beach.

    And Ransom’s infamous “Give Me Back My SON!” trailer pretty much paved the way for the spoilerific trailers we see today. When producer Brian Grazer was asked if it was a bad idea to spoil the movie’s twist in the trailer, he basically said he didn’t care, so long as it got people to see the movie.

  8. For what it’s worth, I normally *hate* movies like “A Good Life” but actually enjoyed it. For some reason I saw it in the theatre and can’t remember why. I walked out thinking “That was actually not bad!”

    Also, if you haven’t picked up the two Ouendan games that Elite Beat Agents spun out of, you really need to! They are great!

    Just as goofy, just as fun, and the music is good, even though you likely won’t know many (or all) of the songs. I *finally* managed to find the first Ouendan game last week after looking for four years, every time I made a trip to Japan. So happy!

    1. Absolutely! I literally spent all of college playing Ouendan and Ouendan 2 while learning Japanese. The moment I could understand the crazy and outrageous stories brought me so much joy.

  9. aint too hard writing lyrics for madworld, here’s one called podcasts.

    all around me are too many podcasts
    so many podcasts
    so many podcasts

    i dont know which ones to choose from
    theres no cape crisis
    no more cape crisis

    I really should save one for tomorrow
    for my way home
    for my way home

    there’s a new laser time out each week
    what will it be
    what will it be

    i find chris kinda funny
    i find brett kinda sad
    finding all the puns that dave ever said
    learning about pop culture
    and the games out this week
    all of the top sevens about miss piggy

    its a podcast

  10. Also – for anyone looking for a good Gears of War clone, I simply cannot recommend Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine enough. It is so fucking good. Amazing graphics, a fantastic soundtrack, and awesome combat that never gets old. A criminally underrated game for 360/PS3.

  11. Thank you so much for bringing up Even Rats. I adored that song after being exposed to it through Guitar Hero. I listened to it a lot during some University-era heartbreak and hearing on the show sent some tingles through me. Still a fantastic song.

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