Laser Time – The Best (and Strangest) Wizards


We discuss the most famous (and weirdest) mages, wizards, warlocks, and other assorted magic-wielders before moving onto an in-depth discussion of Marvel’s Doctor Strange movie!


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11 thoughts on “Laser Time – The Best (and Strangest) Wizards

  1. Thanks guys! I started chuckling when “Do you Believe in magic?” played out the first segment. I actually spoiled Doctor Strange through this before seeing the film because I couldn’t wait.

  2. That Punky Brewster cartoon is seriously heinous — however, the live action show is FUCKING AWESOME, HENRY. Everybody needs to smoke weed and watch the episode called “The Perils of Punky”

  3. Han Solo calls Obi Wan a “crazy old wizard” in Star Wars, so are there wizards apart from Jedi, or is it another word for Jedi?

    The Apprentice Adept books by Piers Anthony had different masters of different types of magic, like one uses incantations, and one uses potions, one uses something like voodoo dolls, and such. I thought that was a cool premise, breaking out each way that magic is presented as belonging to one specific person. And the Belgariad books by David Eddings had “the Will and the Word,” where they focus their will to do what they want, then release that will with any word, to do the magic. I always thought that would make the most sense if there really were magic.

    1. I think there were witches in the Ewok TV movies that could kind of use the Force. I doubt that’s still canon though.

  4. Can I assume spoilers in the second segment? Don’t worry, I’m close to seeing it despite my head on start over the US.

  5. Harry Dresden from the Dresden files is a cool character. A wise cracking, magical P.I. in modern-day Chicago that’s actually not as stupid as that sounds.

  6. Good show everybody, kind of weird realizing how many wizards are in pop culture stuff when you break it down like this and skip a number of things and it is still as long as it was. Hope that you guys can keep up the fun through all of the next four years, we need it! Love the whole Laser Time family and if not hope you find something that is close to as fun for you to do.

  7. Chris I cant believe you at no point did a jesse ventura “THE WIZARDMEN!”on this episode. Do more jesse ventura impressions please, bring that back.

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