The Best New Amazon Releases: Pro Dishonored Sausages


A console upgrade, a promising stealth-action sequel, and a raunchy CGI animated comedy are amongst this week’s weird collection of new Amazon items!

November is here, and we’ve got a few requests for you. Firstly, if you’re an American, VOTE! Secondly, check out Laser Time’s cool new content, including a new Laser Time about wizards and Doctor Strange, a Patreon-exclusive commentary and other weird content like our roundup of Presidents in WWE. As far as non-LT content, there’s a console upgrade, a much-anticipated game sequel, and one of 2016’s weirdest animated features hitting Amazon warehouse shelves. If you’ve got Amazon Prime, don’t forget; you save 20% on any new physical game release! With that in mind, lets check out what’s new!

PlayStation 4 Pro
NOW this console generation’s gettin gud. With 4K TV adoption on the rise and PlayStation VR primed to be a big seller this holiday season, the PlayStation 4 could use a kick in the pants and the PlayStation 4 Pro can deliver it. While current PS4 owners don’t have to worry about upcoming games lacking compatibility with their ol’ console, the PS4 Pro pro-mises quicker load times, higher framerates, but most importantly, better VR performance and the ablility to play games and video in 4K resolution. Since the PS4 has been dominant this generation, there’s no worry that the Pro won’t have plenty of software, and you can (briefly) brag to your PC-owning friends about the power of your console… until the PC once again shames every console on this planet.
Dishonored 2
Right here we have my (Dave’s) most anticipated game of 2016. And I won’t be in America to play it on launch day; curses! I played the original Dishonored extensively, completing the campaign and both of the YUGE story expansions, and I felt the same mix of Bioshock-esque wonder at Dishonored 2’s settings and the fun of mixing stealth with unique spells when I previewed Dishonored 2 recently. I’m even more jazzed about Dishonored 2 since it adds a second playable protagonist to add even more variety to playing through the campaign beyond just picking a moral side. If Laser Time doesn’t end up streaming it upon release, you can at least bank on some extensive Vidjagame Apocalypse discussion later in the month. Regardless, you can get started on the fun right away as Amazon has a 20% Prime discount for these honorable editions. Check out out lightning Dishonored 2 walkthrough below.


Cartoon Network Battle Crashers
You may not have heard, but Laser Time likes cartoons. And that network devoted to cartoons; even better! We recently streamed LEGO Dimensions’ Adventure Time level and had a blast doing so, and now we’ve got a brawler that incorporates our favorite characters from Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, and Steven Universe, in side-scrolling beat-em-up action. It has great potential to be a modern-day The Simpsons Arcade Game, so you can bet we’ll be keeping our eye on this unique release. While it’s already competitively priced, there’s also a 20% discount with an Amazon Prime subscription! Mathematical!

Sausage Party
Much like a spicy sausage, there are a lot of elements to this weird CGI animated comedy. It’s the first-ever R-rated CG comedy, but there was some blowback about mistreated animators. Even if the production is a bit iffy, Sausage Party is still a pretty interesting release and if you’re looking for something a bit different from cutesy Disney fare and less-impressive cutesy Dreamworks fare, SP might be what you seek. I missed this one in theaters, but now that it’s out on Blu, I’ll likely snack soon on some Sausage Party.

Taxi Driver
Are you talkin’ to this Blu-ray? I said, are you talkin’ to this Blu-ray? I don’t see any other Blu-rays in this slot, so you must be talking to this Blu-ray. With the expected reference out of the way, Taxi Driver is a must-see for any film fan, and this 40th Anniversary release is the best way yet to see this classic outside of a movie theater. Robert DeNiro broke out into Hollywood superstardom with his transformative role as Travis Bickle and you can watch his descent into madness in HD. It’s also the start of Martin Scorsese’s decades-long Oscar-snubbery, so you can can express your own Bickle-esque anger after watching this masterpiece!

Rush Hour Trilogy
If you can accept that the action isn’t up to Jackie Chan’s overseas fare (Every Frame A Painting explains why masterfully), the Rush Hour trilogy is a pretty great ride that meshes Chan’s penchant for fast-paced action with Chris Tucker’s underrated brand of comedy. It’s a shame that Chan doesn’t have quite as many moves as he did two decades ago and that Tucker doesn’t get the same caliber of roles he did during this period, but this collection is a great way to revisit the period with some nice bonus features, gorgeous cover art, and of course, the entire trilogy in HD!



Kingdom Hearts III
Watch Dogs 2: Gold Edition
Pokemon Sun and Moon Steelbook Dual Pack
Dead Rising 4
The Last Guardian
Yakuza 0

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