5 thoughts on “Super Mario Bros 2 – Brett vs Chris!

  1. I’m loving these head to heads. I wanna see two people race in Goldeneye or any of the Zelda games from Gameboy forward.

  2. The turtle shell that can be picked up and thrown is one of the redesigned sprites, in DDP it was a mask in blackface (all the mushroom blocks used for stacking/attacking were various masks in DDP)., so its pretty clear why that needed to be changed.

    The part where Chris got stuck and kept dying in 7-1 was also redesigned from DDP, where it was much easier because the platform came out farther and the entire cloud maze can be skipped because you can super jump over the column and go up the ladder.

  3. SMB 2 is my favourite Mario game and one of my favourite Nintendo games – and that’s saying it as someone who doesn’t really like platformers.

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