Laser Time – The Ultimate Late 90s Playlist


We have a semi-charmed kinda life with Jimmy Ray in a Miami gangtsa’s paradise as we listen to (and make fun of) the biggest hits of the late 90s, with special guest Greg Moore!


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30 thoughts on “Laser Time – The Ultimate Late 90s Playlist

  1. I always considered the 90s to be like the 80s in terms of camp factor but without any self awareness. You just know so many thought they were “just that coo”l back in the day. This should be a great listen!

  2. Oh, sweet Laser Time, take me away from the horrifying reality, back to the 90s.

    Also, no All Star? Don’t you guys love the song that is special to my generation because of Shrek?

    1. Between a large group of my class senior year (that is 2013-2014), Shrek and All Star became a huge recurring meme for some damn reason. I thought it died out after, but having a bunch of friends over for my 19th birthday the next year, they demanded we watch Shrek while we celebrate my newfound legal drinking age (#Canada). I guess my school just had a wave of ironic 2001 nostalgia when facing the end of regular schooling.

  3. Another great episode! We rand laps in GYM class to No Mercy’s “Where do you go?” on this cassette tape.

    Some shout outs
    MR. Vain by Culture Beat
    Aqua’s Dr. Jones
    All Saints; Never Ever

    For Chris off the 1999 King of the Hill Album an animated music video! Barenaked Ladies – Get In Line

  4. This sounds like a fun one to pick up a crappy Monday.
    Also, always great to see Greg show up on LT in one form or another

  5. Haven’t even listened to it yet and I can tell this is going to be a good episode. And don’t worry to much about Trump. It’s certainly going to be an interesting 4 years if nothing else. And who knows, maybe he won’t destroy the environment or start a nuclear war.

  6. I am shocked that I knew so many. Hell, I think there was only two I couldn’t name. Robyn, Garbage, The Cardigans……god what a hard hit of nostalgia. Thank you for taking me away from reality for a bit LT.

  7. My 6 year old kid just heard Cotton Eye Joe for the first time on the radio and started singing the lyrics to “Honey I’m Good” by Andy Grammer over top…she seemed genuinely confused that it wasn’t the same song.

  8. “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” was originally written for Meat Loaf (Meatloaf?) and he finally recorded it for Bat Out of Hell III, I think, as a duet with my early teens crush Marion Raven of M2M. It’s magnificent. Take a listen:

    Celine’s version just pales in comparison.

    Also, an even better version of that Collective Soul is here, starting with a puppy saying “fuck!” I have watched this probably fifty times over the past few days and I crack up every time.

  9. “Is nobody going to sue [White Town]?”

    Well, that sample isn’t the Imperial March, but it is a sample of Al Bowlly’s “My Woman”, a song that’s as old as John Williams himself. I believe the original writers now get a 50% cut on publishing rights because of that sample, including one Bing Crosby.

    Now, on the subject of Rednex. They released “Old Pop in an Oak” after “Cotton Eye Joe”. They sound literally identical, except “Cotton Eye Joe” somehow has deeper lyrics. If you crave a combination of high energy dance beats and cyber banjos you’d be better off with “Swamp Thing” by The Grid. 1994 was apparently a good year for incongruous genre mash-ups.

  10. I recognized that Robyn song right off the bat, not because I was a fan of her back then, but because i’m a fan of her current stuff. Once Robyn got out of the record contract that forced her into bubblegum pop, she started her own label and spent the mid 2000s til the present putting out really awesome synth/electro-pop. Definitely look into her back catalog. Brett.

  11. Someone on the show was wondering what happened to Mark Morrison and, uh…he’s been in prison. A lot. Including one time he paid a look-alike to do his court ordered community service for him. Other less fun charges include bringing a gun on a plane, armed robbery, kidnapping, car theft, and assault.

  12. Fantastic show! Hearing “Stupid Girl” took me right back to my senior year of high school. I bought Garbage at a Musicland in the mall. It was the perfect mix of neat-looking album art, $10 in my pocket, and a $10 gift certificate that I got for my birthday (which was just a slap in the face since nothing in this store was less than $14.99) . Blew my fucking mind. We did a lot of cruising on 1st Ave with a CD player, a tape adapter, and my copy of Garbage.

  13. I haven’t finished it yet but this episode is great. Love me some 90s music. I was in Vancouver at the time so I grew up on this plus a lot of Canadian alt rock like Our Lady Peace and Econoline Crush.

    Recommendation for the future: 90s covers of classic songs?

  14. I spent a while digging into Spotify this week throwing together a 90s nostalgia playlist… and then you push this episode out. So that’s awesome. Now my playlist wasn’t top charting songs but from movies with great soundtracks that I listened the crap out of back in the day. Seems like they were filled with covers by nobodies, but I loved them nonetheless. Examples being the soundtracks for 10 Things I Hate About You, Empire Records and Tank Girl.

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