The Best New Amazon Releases: Watch Pokemons and Dory


New Pokemans, an open-world game set in Laser Time’s hood, and classic movies get anniversary Blu-rays this week on Amazon!

What a difference a week makes! Around this time last week, we didn’t know who our next president would be and we didn’t have an episode of Laser Time about late 90s hits. Well, at least we’re satisfied with one of the two changes! Plus, Dave and Mikel will be back, yay! To take our mind off of what chaos President Trump may wreak, we at least have a few cool games and Blu-rays on deck from the world’s number one online retailer. And remember, any new physical game release on Amazon comes with a schweet 20% discount, should you have Amazon Prime. With that in mind, here’s the games and movies!

Pokemon Sun/Moon
Here we have Nintendo’s biggest 2016 release that isn’t an impossible-to-find NES Mini. Also known as “the game Nintendo showed at E3 while we yelled for them to show Zelda,” Pokemon Sun and Moon actually has a few elements that might bring back lapsed fans or even make new ones for the franchise’s 20th anniversary. There’s the Hawaii-esque setting, which is a nice change of pace from the standard town->environment procession of past Pokemons. On top of that, there are new powerful Z-moves that can be used only one time per battle regardless of how many Pokemon you have, and my personal favorite, the ability to take pictures of your Pokemon a la Pokemon snap. Now I can finally show you my Pokemans in the proper way!
Watch Dogs 2
You can bet that Watch Dogs 2 will get plenty of discussion on Laser Time in the near future. Any top-tier open-world game is already catnip for us violence and driving fiends, but Watch Dogs 2 has the added advantage of being set in Laser Time’s own backyard of San Francisco! With better hacking capabilities, souped up multiplayer that includes co-op that spans the entire campaign, and a significantly less frumpy protagonist, Watch Dogs 2 has the potential to be good, boy. Hopefully we’ll have WD2 play some tricks on our weekly stream on Tuesday or Wednesday, but you can count on Ubisoft’s open-world action game getting some serious discussion on this week’s Vidjagame Apocalypse.


Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection
Welp, it wouldn’t be the holiday season unless Ubisoft put two competing games out on THE EXACT SAME DAY. Unlike previous years, where it was diametrically opposed games like Splinter Cell and Rayman that wouldn’t split the market, this year has an open world game out against AN OPEN WORLD COLLECTION! Anyway ACTEC is about as close to a slam dunk collection as you can play the much-improved sequel Assassins Creed II alongside the also-great successors Brotherhood and Revelations, with every game’s DLC included! There’s none of the then-revolutionary online competitive modes, but at least your Watch Dogs 2 online userbase won’t be fractured!

Finding Dory
Disney has had a big year for animated features, whether it be outright hits like Zootopia or amazing hybrids like The Jungle Book, but Pixar has been a bit in the background since Inside Out delighted crowds last year. To that end, Finding Dory isn’t the most exciting sequel, but it’s still a gorgeously CG animated feature with the always pleasant Ellen Degeneres getting upgraded to the protagonist. And hey, this is GUARANTEED to be more charming than next year’s Cars 3. KA-CHOW!

Space Jam 20th Anniversary
Look, I’ve talked a ton of shit on Space Jam, but I’m still glad it exists. I stand by what I said on Thirty Twenty Ten: This is “Michael Jordan: The Movie featuring the Looney Tunes” and Bugs and Co. are mildly wasted on a pretty hackneyed sports film, and at times, a waste of animation. I don’t hate Space Jam, but I do find its fandom mystifying. The silver lining is that an entirely different generation knows who Bugs, Daffy, etc., are during a period Warner Bros wasn’t doing shit else to keep them in the public eye. Whatever, I will still find Space Jam disappointing, and speaking of disappointing: THIS 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION! Hope you like that new art, because that’s the only new addition to this disc, since everything else is a holdover from previous releases. A remaster, and that’s it. Other than our full-length commentary! -Chris

Peanuts Holiday Anniversary Collection
Don’t be surprised that I’m going to recommend yet another Peanuts Holiday special collection to you, but this year, there’s a much better reason than before: IT’S CHEAP! Seriously, roughly half the price of what last year’s exact same collection was asking. That said, I wont need it because there’s not a single new thing on the set as far as I can tell, but I damn sure recommend the set for any Holiday traditionalist/cartoon fan, especially at just $20.



Kingdom Hearts III
Dead Rising 4
The Last Guardian
Yakuza 0

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