Vidjagame Apocalypse 189 – Lost on Wii


The Wii turns 10 in North America this week, pushing us to revisit a strange era of dominance built entirely on first-party games – or was it? In spite of its reputation, the Wii had a whole mess of fantastic third-party exclusives that have never been seen again, and this week we’ll talk about five of our favorites with the help of Hank “Henry” Gilbert. Then it’s on to talk about important stuff that matters, like the PS4 Pro, Watch Dogs 2, the NES Classic Edition, Nintendo Switch news, and the game characters you’d like to see as president.

Question of the Week

What video game do you think would make a good real-life escape room?



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Kingdom Hearts III
Dead Rising 4
The Last Guardian
Yakuza 0

15 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 189 – Lost on Wii

  1. I think a dead space escape room could be terrifying. You could have noises of necromorphs crawling all around you while you frantically use computers and physical clues to activate the escape pod to launch you off the space station of your choice. Blood could be splattered around the walls and audio logs could be hidden just like the game.

  2. I say a professor Layton escape room would be cool, you could solve puzzles and as you go on characters would act out fragments of a large story

  3. I agree with Henry, Fragile Dreams is an interesting game and worth picking up if you don’t own it.

    No More Heroes 2 is dogshit!

    My vote for lost Wii game is Lost in Shadow – a side scrolling puzzle game where you use light to move your shadow up a tower. Very Ico inspired, but very cool.

  4. Hmm… How about an Animal Crossing escape room, where you have to search your house for bells to pay off Tom Nook so you can finally get a breath of fresh air after being locked in there for a long time.

    Anyway, the Wii was indeed an amazing system for what it is, cheap, great games, and easily brewable. Its legacy lives on in many forms, especially with the Switch’s portability, the fact that people are moaning about extension cables on the NES CE, and Nintendo screwing over third party publishers.

  5. Did you guys talk about Pandora’s Tower? It’s a great little action rpg that came out at the end of the Wii’s life cycle, I really enjoyed it

  6. I went to LA for the first time last month, and driving around GTA V is amazingly similar, especially the Hollywood and Santa Monica beach areas. GTA IV seemed pretty New Yorky to me, but I haven’t seen a whole lot of NY. I’ve been to Chicago several times, but Watchdogs didn’t seem really Chicagoy to me, and I’ve never been Seattle, so I don’t know close how Infamous Second Son was. It’s pretty cool being able to drive around real-world areas that are recreated pretty closely, maybe someone will do a Hawaii setting, they could do all of Oahu to scale easier than the big American cities.

  7. I think Shower With Your Dad Simulator would make for a delightful escape room romp. You would have to collect hints hidden in the chorus of dad jokes coming from a gaggle of strategically placed showering dads in order to find a key not currently located in any of their pockets. After you, now known as “Trying to Find the Key,” spend an hour hearing the wurst jokes about German sausages, you escape they tell you to knock down the door and you realize they literally meant knocking downwards on the door. In the end, you leave satisfied and with the knowledge that a good pun is its own reword.

  8. Henry, I hope you’re not deluding yourself into thinking Japanese wrestling has some kind of moral high ground over WWE. Whatever else you might think about Vince McMahon, at least he never got into bed with organized crime.

  9. No Zack and Wiki? Your list is flawed. Was gonna ask how de Blob didn’t make the list either, but apparently it’s on iOS. Still- Zack and Wiki!!! (Also Boom Blox)

  10. The obvious choice is a LucasArts point-and-click adventure game, but the only RIGHT one would be based on Grim Fandango. That mixture of gloomy detective noir, spoopy Day of the Dead skellies, and mundane office work would translate well to both fans of the game, and a broader general audience. Especially if you have to convince worker bees to accept communism or sabotage a pneumatic mail system with coffin packing foam.

  11. Greetings from South Africa! I have just listened to 3 straight hours of the show and enjoyed every minute of it, thank you. Do you have any podcasts on black mirror or similar mindf*ck stuff?

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