Talking Simpsons – Selma’s Choice


Jub Jub! Yes, Selma has a fear of dying alone while the rest of the family is dreaming of going to a theme park. And somehow it all points to Murphy Brown and Johnny Carson clips. Find out how on this week’s podcast…


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15 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Selma’s Choice

  1. Yes, Barbra Streisand does have a mall underneath her house. Apparently it’s themed like an old-timey downtown area and it’s not really a working mall, but store fronts for her to show off the clothing she’s designed.

  2. That screaming you heard this morning was me yelling about Maurice Chevalier. Pepe le Pew was based on Charles Boyer, who played a suave mf’er named Pepe le Moko in “Algiers.”

    Maurice Chevalier was a singer/actor going back to the ’30s who’s best known now for “Gigi.” You’ve unknowingly imitated him because he’s the origin for the stereotypical “huh huh HUH” Frenchy laugh.

  3. I love the animation on sick Homer, and the wholes segment at Duff Gardens is amazing. “I am the lizard queen!” is another one of the oft-quoted Simpsons references that my siblings and I share.

  4. This was a fantastic episode of Talking Simpsons! Great to hear Dave’s insights again and loved the Johnny Carson chip lady tangent. Awesome job!

  5. Fear not Christopher! You’re not that out of touch with cheap bear! As a current college student from the Midwest, Bush Light was very prominent in my high school. Although, the kids these days will occasionally call them Bush Lattes for some reason.
    Great episodes gents

  6. That Vince Vaughn movie about a man who’s sperm donations created hundreds, as referenced in this episode, is called Delivery Man. Delivery Man was also actually based off a French-Canadian movie called Starbuck (actually really good IMO). Starbuck in turn got its name from a Canadian bull whose sperm was used to create a huge amount of offspring. It’s a bizarre lineage but since it’s something I’ve seen / looked into, I figured I’d bring it up.

  7. I had Dufftoberfest at Moe’s while I was at Universal last month. It was okay, but $12 was a bit steep. I asked about the Flaming Moes, and he said it’s orange soda. Butterbeer tasted like cream soda with a butterscotch frothy topping. Not bad, only $5 for that.

  8. Jud Jud, not Jub Jub.
    Also, the other band you mentioned is shortened to Evergreen Terrace.

    Great episode as always. Keep up the good work guys.

  9. Online dating. I’ve gotten stood up more times then I am comfortable with both on OkCupid and Tinder. Women am I right fellas?

    Murphy Brown is in the E.R. and Home Improvement area of TV shows that shinned so bright yet hell if I know where they are being rerun on cable or even if they are in people’s nostalgia much. Its weird considering how all three are like 10 ten shows for a big portion of their runs with ER being #1 at points and Home Improvment being top 10 in every season.

    Also the abortion episode of Maude bothers me because it makes me consider that Bea Arthur was ever of child bearing age.

  10. Henry, the reason why you’re in a hospital gown at a sperm clinic is because they made you strip down and put your clothes in a locker so they’d know you’re not contaminating your semen once you’re alone and “donate” into an oval cup. So yes, you DO wear a gown and nothing else once you go into one of those clinics.

    You don’t just go in there, jerk off with your pants down and walk out with cash like you think. There’s much more to it physically and paperwork wise.

    Source: I was a sperm donor and been through this.

  11. There was an actual XXX film called The Erotic Adventures of Hercules from 1971. It’s 58 minutes long and available to watch on Vinegar Syndrome’s streaming service. I watched it and it was excruciating to get through. One of the grossest porn films ever with lots of hairy dudes eating greasy chicken.

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