Laser Time – Modern Christmas Masterpieces


From our current-day Christmas traditions to new shows and movies that stand up to the classics, we’re celebrating newer media that makes us warm and fuzzy. Also, we predict the final celebs who will die in 2016. Have fun!


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23 thoughts on “Laser Time – Modern Christmas Masterpieces

  1. I haven’t heard this yet, but I nominate the The Real Ghostbusters episode “X-Mas Marks the Spot” where they go back in time and capture the three ghosts who are supposed to redeem Scrooge and end up cancelling Christmas. Then they pretend to be the ghosts by putting a Viewmaster over Scrooge’s eyes and pushing him around in a wheel chair. It’s hilarious.

  2. Sure a lot of cartoons started with a Christmas special, but American Dad is the only one I can think of that could have ended with one. Rapture’s Delight, starts off as an almost normal episode of the show with the family getting ready for church on Christmas day, but then the rapture happens! From there it’s a post apocalyptic wasteland featuring Stan with a hook for one hand, a bookend to Roger’s golden poop story-line, Francine hooking up with Jesus, and even ties it up with an incredible ending featuring the anti-Christ. It goes to show that; When the world ends, Jesus can save your soul…But only one man can save your ass.

    Loved the last half of the episode with you guys telling random Christmas stories btw! Retail worker here so, I appreciate the shout out!

  3. For all that it’s a shameless retread (and it totally is) there’s actually a slightly sinister difference between Home Alone 1 and 2 that most people don’t pick up on.

    In the first movie, Kevin literally believes that he has made his family disappear. In this way, all his actions take place in a consequence free environment.

    In the sequel however, an older Kevin fully understands the situation he is in, but he takes advantage and gleefully commits theft and credit card fraud nonetheless.

    So in the original, he comes across as a naive kid who slowly learns responsibility and the value of family, whereas in the sequel he comes across as a thieving little sociopath.

  4. For some modern ‘classic’ Christmas recommends:

    I know it looks terrible, but it’s secretly an amazing movie – honestly my favourite film of the year it came out in. It’s only tangentially Christmas related (basically the final scene on the movie), but it’s magical, and hilarious.

    Arthur Christmas.
    This is an animated movie from a few years back made by Aardman (Wallace & Gromit), and it’s pretty underrated in my opinion. Great visual style, great cast (Bill Nighy, Jim Broadbent, Hugh Laurie, James MacAvoy plus a shit tonne of British comedic talent doing cameos – seriously, check the IMDB), some really inventive gags and doesn’t outstay its welcome.

    In Bruges.
    A pretty well known (and excellent) movie, but one that most people forget is set at Christmas.

  5. Alright, there’s nothing arbitrary about the contact rules in basketball. It’s a contact sport. You’re allowed to put your hands, arms, legs, and body on other player’s body. You just can’t move them off their spot or alter their path by initiating contact. Also, you can’t put two hands on the player with the ball. That’s it. Don’t touch people’s arms and legs. Don’t shove them. It’s simple.

  6. Lindsay Lohan, haven’t heard from her in a while
    Dan Ackroyd, after too much skull vodka. He could surprise you.
    and for the wild card –
    Joe Pesci who dies from an OD after a live Jazz show.

  7. Great episode guys!

    As for my traditions, something new has emerged in the last few years. Being a junior in university, the Christmas season has become particularly stressful. At my school, exams go up to and including the 21st, and every year I’ve managed to get one on either the 19th or 20th. However, after that I get into a pattern of regrouping with friends, especially those who go to school out of town, and drinking a lot as we relax and talk about how the semester has been. In my alone time, I’ve basically gotten into a pattern of staying in bed luxuriously in the cold, binge watching a comfort TV show (2014 was Twin Peaks and X-Men TAS, 2015 was a repeat of X-Men TAS) and playing through unfinished video games off of my backlog, as well as COMICS COMICS COMICS, since reading for leisure during a semester of school isn’t always fun for me. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’s been super pleasant.

    I’ve also managed to watch Die Hard every Christmas season for probably 8-10 years (since I first watched it on a December 23 somewhere in the mid-2000s), and Christmas Eve we always watch Home Alone, and time-permitting, the Grinch cartoon & The Nightmare Before Christmas. This involves lots of chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, and as I’ve grown up, alcohol. The past 3 years have seen us opening gifts at midnight or 11pm since I’m the youngest and no one feels like getting up early anymore. Afterwards, I’ll spend a few more hours awake and drinking, doing something with a new gift – usually playing a video game or watching a movie. Futurama and Simpsons Christmas episodes often factor in at some point, and Batman TAS’ Christmas/ holiday episodes have appeared as well.

    Needless to say, despite being raised Catholic, I’m not particularly religious, so the holiday is about spending time with family and catching up with old friends, as well as getting much needed relaxation, and some comfort food (both literal and in the form of media).

  8. I thought for sure once Krampus was brought up someone would mention the American Dad episode “Mistrel Krampus” from a few years back. In fact, no mention of American Dad at all. Or Bob’s Burgers. Shame, since both shows have turned out some fantastic Christmas episodes.

  9. I really loved this episode and can’t recommend Krampus enough if you haven’t seen it. The stuff they got away with in a PG13 movie is pretty incredible.

  10. One of my favorite current Christmas-related programming is the Benihana christmas episode of the office. One of my favorite movies/shows to watch around the time of year. I love it so much. The Moroccan christmas is good too but benihana is #1.

    I’m not betting on celebrity deaths for 2017. 2016 sucks balls and I’m hoping 2017 is somehow a shift in the right direction and shows the future isn’t total ass.

  11. The HBO show with Adam Scott and Sonya Walger is Tell Me you Love Me, it’ll be 10 years old next year and, unlike a lot of older HBO stuff like Red Shoe Diaries that isn’t on HBO Go or HBO Now, this show is and readily available. It is kind of amazing how little attention it gets.

    Also yes, Home Alone 2 is mostly a retread of the first film but the huge difference is that while in the first film he’s defending his house against robbers and yes, gives them some pretty horrible injuries. But in the sequel he learns of their plan to rob a toy store, instead of tipping off the cops he instead goes to a relatives house that just happens to be in the middle of a massive gut and remodel, sets the house up like something out of Saw, and lures the robbers to the house where he tortures them with numerous traps that, in reality, would almost certainly kill them.

  12. Your mall talk was interesting. Around here, we have one mall that is still absolutely gangbusters. It gets so busy around the holidays that if you stand still enough on the second floor, you can feel the building shake. But then we have five or so other malls that are completely dead after two decades or more of slow, painful declines.

    Oh, and I just watched The Long Kiss Goodnight for the holidays. It really is a great action movie. The cheesy memory flashbacks are kinda dumb, and never worked for me, and the world’s slowest grenade is just… dumb, but it was Jason Bourne before The Bourne Identity. That finale is just epic.

  13. Huge Lost fan here. I just rewatched “The Constant” and it was great. I’ll be honest I did cry rewatching it, but maybe that’s because I’m in Korea and my girlfriend of 4 years in still in the States (She’s visiting this Friday!), but damn that was such a powerful moment. Lost is all about the characters and always has been, the island, the mystery, the time travel, it’s all a backdrop. And this episode was the point when all of the elements of Lost came together in such harmony, the sci-fi elements, the mystery, the relationships. It’s an episode you can completely watch out of context and appreciate. Best episode of Lost in my eyes.

    Also, the Office episodes are great. Andy (Ed Helms) going to an Benihana and asking for a Nagasaki (Egg Nog & Sake). I’ve watched every Office christmas episode about a dozen times, and it still never gets old.

  14. thanks for this, my wife and I always come up with a list of christmas movies and shows to watch during this season and we always run out of TV Shows to watch.

    Rockos christmas, flinstones christmas , hell even yogi bear, but you reminded me about Community, the office and more. Thanks!

  15. My parents and I had a tradition for a few years where we tried to watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s “The Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future” every Christmas…but my wife and most of my extended family hated it, so that died pretty quickly. It’s still probably my favourite Christmas special.

    I’m also going to give a shameless plug for the Christmas episode of my own Dr. Monster cartoon series:

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