Zelda II walkthrough – perfect for your brand new NES Classic Edition


Happen to pick up a Mini NES? Odds are you’ll eventually make your way to Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and within minutes be like, “wait… where do I go?” WELL our pal KreativeAssassin has put together a lovely visual guide to the game, one that’ll get you through all the palaces in no time!

One thing I keep forgetting, for example – there’s an area that is basically the “entire” overworld from Zelda I!


While I know Zelda I pretty well after playing through it so many times, I can’t say the same for part two – which is just about to turn THIRTY years old. For whatever reason I could never retain all the necessary info and recall where everything was, so I’ll def be bookmarking this guide… and be sure to check out his earlier Wonder Boy in Monster World guide!

2 thoughts on “Zelda II walkthrough – perfect for your brand new NES Classic Edition

  1. I honestly loved Zelda 2 as a kid. Call me strange, but it was one of my favorite games. I loved the combination of action-adventure and RPG elements.

    Bonus points if you remember the “Spell” spell.

    1. the Zelda 2 hate seems to be mostly in retrospect; I don’t remember there being any consensus that this was a bad game at the time or anything. Then again, I was like 7….

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