Spider-Man Homecoming trailer brings some F-U-N to the M-C-U

The best part of Captain America: Civil War gets his own movie on 7-17-17, and the hype train begins… now!

We got a p cool looking Vulture in the form of former Batman / Birdman / Beetlejuice, and of course there’s a Tony Stark cameo to get that mass-ass-market audience invested right away. Ideally this immediately conveys a connection to the “real” Marvel movies and distances it from any prior Spidey-verse. WE all know the difference but it’s important that the ASM audience knows it too.

More importantly, this trailer is FUN. Spidey’s movements, wisecracks and facial expressions all convey that Spider-Man frivolity that makes every kid in the world a fan. I also love the MGMT track scoring the first half of the trailer – that song rulez.

So yeah – thoughts? I’m p excited for this and love the look of it all. AND THAT TEAM UP SHOT. Dis gon be fun.

11 thoughts on “Spider-Man Homecoming trailer brings some F-U-N to the M-C-U

  1. Ok, that Vulture design is incredible. I was wondering what they were gonna do with “old man in bird costume”, but they did a crazy good job. Also, Tom Holland is already the best on-screen Spider-Man.

  2. This looks fucking awesome. It seems like everything I’ve wanted from a young Spider-Man, something they haven’t managed to capture in three movie attempts (even though Raimi’s was GOOD). I need the whole movie like right now. Vulture looks awesome, and we seem to get a glimpse that might confirm Shocker in some form so that’s friggin sweet.

  3. There are several MCU references sprinkled in this trailer:
    Bruce Banner’s picture is on the fair right of the photo lineup in Peter’s science classroom.
    Howard Stark on a mural at a science fair.
    The tool being used to cut into the ATMs looks like it’s based on Chitauri tech.

  4. I’ve always thought Vulture was a really lame concept for a villain, and when it was announced that he was going to be the main big bad for this movie, I audibly groaned. But man, this trailer made me shut my dumb-ass mouth up, and Michael Keaton sells the menace of him immediately.

    Overall it looks fantastic, the only thing that bothered me was that scene at the end when he’s holding parts of the ship together with webbing. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but it looks just like when he stopped the train in Spider-Man 2, and that makes this feel uninspired in turn.

  5. The International Trailer’s both surprisingly different and even better!


    Excited extremely about this, but I am calling it: if it’s a Marvel-own movie, Spider-Man and the Vulture won’t fight until the very end then he’ll quickly think of someway of defeating him instantly then he’ll defeat him instantly.

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