The Three Golden Amigos and Mars Attacks Jerry Maguire – Dec 9-15


Eddie Murphy saves the world in The Golden Child as Steve Martin masquerades as one of Three Amigos. Then this week in 1996 brings us a Star Wars shooter and both Mars Attacks and Jerry McGuire, while 2006 sees the end of The Wire’s fourth season.


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14 thoughts on “The Three Golden Amigos and Mars Attacks Jerry Maguire – Dec 9-15

  1. I’m very surprised that Chris didn’t like Three Amigos all that much since our tastes usually align very well. (I don’t know any other person that loves Flight of the Navigator and Donald Duck cartoons as much as me.) Three Amigos is one of my favorite movies, and I try to watch it once a year. There’s a lot of memorable and hilarious scenes that I look fondly on. It’s such an absurd film.

    I’m not sure how recently the Thirty Twenty Ten crew has seen it, but if it’s been awhile I say give it another shot, maybe for one of the Monday Night Movies.

  2. @ 1:12:55
    That is the first thing youve ever said Diana thats invoke an excited response from me while listening!
    It was underrated, they let it die on valentines day.

  3. That Mister Mxyzptlk episode of Lois and Clark sounds terrible… I’m sure the visual for it isn’t much better.
    Fittingly enough, it was recently announced that good old Mxyzptlk is going to appear on SUPERGIRL this season, in what I assume while be an infinitely better portrayal.

  4. I have serious fond memories of Astro Warrior, because by the time my neighbors got an SMS it was the pack-in. for some reason I always remember it as being Compile’s first Aleste game, but it wasn’t (that was Power Strike).

    Love the hell out of the Earthworm Jim cartoon, and basically everything Jim-related except EWJ3d.

    And I probably saw 3 Amigos 50 times in my youth when my parents had a conversion van with a TV/VCR in it for road trips, but have not seen it in probably 28 years.

  5. I recorded Three Amigos from a Saturday mid-afternoon showing on ITV back in the very late 80s and I probably rewatched it a hundred times. Even for an early timeslot, I only remember them making one edit to the scene where the Amigos notice the German’s biplane. They cut the line “Didn’t you notice its little balls?”, and manage to ruin the whole mail/male plane gag.

    Other than that, I always thought it was a great kids’ film, with a plethora of fun, memorable scenes.

  6. Diana remarked Tom Cruise movies being Tom Cruise movies (when trying to think of the few times he wasn’t the star) – – There’s a great article I’ll try to link to the comments feed this or next week that outlines Tom Cruise’s strategies early in his career to avoid being typecast as one of the “brat pack” and was arguably (before Mission Impossible exploded) the guy you did a movie with and win an oscar along. He was smart about in fact *not* being the main focus (Rain Man, Colour of Money) and helping in fact other actors to the gold!

    An interesting guy!

  7. Thanks for the belly laughs. The Will Smith YouTube bit send me into a bubbly bounce of hilarity. Love ya guys.

    P.S. My favorite Cary Grant movie is “Bringing Up Baby” (I know I am a few weeks off commenting on this but…). I saw it in my 20’s back when cable was for rich dudes. One more thing about Cary Grant, He was Ian Flemming’s 1st choice for James Bond on film. Also he was married to Dyan Cannon so pretty sure he was not a queer (not that there is anything wrong with that).

  8. I meant to comment on the Dec 1 show about Contra: Legacy of War…then forget. But it got a passing, unnamed mention in this one and so I’m back with my comment lol. Legacy of War was a terrible game, yes, but it had really good music and it was playable right on the disc if you popped it in a CD player. I think at least one of you should find that pretty interesting 😉 But yeah, check out the music. It’s much better than the game.

  9. Re: Three Amigos
    I have the Randy Newman Anthology. One of the four CDs has movie music, which includes recordings of the Three Amigos theme song, My Little Buttercup, and Blue Shadows, ALL performed by Randy Newman himself, not the movie recordings. Can’t find a YouTube link for that. It’s fun to hear tho.

    And the Randy Newman version of the theme song does have him doing “three aaahhhhhh-migos!”, tho not as long as in the movie.

  10. I have a bachelor’s in history and a law degree, where’s my parade?! I also have a page 1 hit if you google “Eragon podcast,” a trash movie that I reviewed more than four years ago!

    Not only does this film feature looking wistfully looking into lens flare sunsets longing for adventure, it also features uncles being murdered by stormtroopers, I mean, the “Ra’Zac,” basically forcing Eragon on a hero’s quest. Also a tattered old hobo tags along (played by Jeremy Irons[!!]), and is revealed to be part of the mystical order of “Dragon Riders,” a formerly powerful but now thought dead order of cool dudes. And this is all in the books, it’s not Hollywood’s fault this is derivative garbage. Also, spoilers from the books, the Ben Kenobi character is revealed to be Eragon’s real dad!

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