The Best Capeless Comic Book Games of All-Time!

Not all heroes wear capes! And not all video games based on comic books star superheroes. Just most. But these are the valiant few that didn’t and they’re well worth celebrating! Join us as we explore the best CAPELESS Comic Book Games Ever Made!

NOTE: This is an expanded video feature based on a previous article, The Top 7 Capeless Comic Book Games. Head there if you’d rather read! Or check out some of our latest video explanations, including a look at the logos of Final Fantasy or how the hell a trio of classic Disney games resurfaced out of nowhere!

6 thoughts on “The Best Capeless Comic Book Games of All-Time!

  1. Why do you invite Henry for these? He’s just going to slow down the fun with his being offended I like Henry but be a real fun ruiner

    1. It’s your lucky day, asshole-who-obviously-didn’t-watch-the-video-before-complaining! The only person in the video is Chris.

  2. Great video. THIS is the type of content I’d like to see move of from Laser Time. But I do understand that views my not be what you want when compared to the time it takes to create it.

    Are you guys still looking for content ideas or are you seeing what works? I don’t think we need anymore videos about Adam Sandler liking food… 🙂

  3. God I really love these. I’m usually busy with work and what not so most of the time, I can only really partake in the audio portions of LT. I forget how good they are with when it comes to the editing and the visual gags in their videos. Great stuff Chris.

    Also, having read Bone a year or two ago (on Henry’s suggestion) I would love it if Caped Crisis could come back briefly and do a rundown of the epic story. I know it’s never going to happen with CC being on hiatus but I feel like I showed up at the Bone party 15-20 years too late.

  4. Fun video guys! Great editing on all of it as usual, those Capcom arcade games all looked great, I may need to see if they are available on my MLG machine. Loving all of the stuff lately hope you guys are having a blast creating like I am consuming.

    Happy Holidays Laser Time crew!

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