Join us at 4PM Pacific for instant, immediate, and spoiler-filled account of Star Wars: Rogue One, as the LT Gang emerges fresh with Day One reactions. As always, we encourage you to chime in with your thoughts live with us. Just be here or on our YouTube channel at 4PM Pacific, and help us hastily assemble one of the last Laser Time’s of 2016


5 thoughts on “Star Wars: Rogue One – LIVE REVIEW/REACTIONS!

  1. I will try to keep this as vague as possible. I liked it. Felt different than the other movies, but that was the plan. It is a small mostly self-contained story that is an important part of the bigger picture. I liked all the nods to A New Hope and their effort to keep the continuity between the films, even if it looked a little off sometimes. It was nice to see Vader in action I always pictured as a child, even if it was only for a short time. Some of the dialogue was a little rough. The music seemed off, but was not bad, just different from a Williams score which is as much a part of Star Wars as the Skywalkers. I will see it again and if I was giving it a score, felt like a B-/C+. A nice appetizer for the main course of Episode VIII next year. Since this was a dirty dozen type movie in Star Wars clothes, I hope they make the Obi-Wan/Unforgiven type western. McGregor was one of the best parts of the prequels and I would like to see him in the role one more time.

  2. In terms of movie prequels go, this should be the template for all future prequels in film.

    Contained a small story that is vital to the larger scope and enhances the picture(s) that have come before it. As a stand alone film I’d give it a solid A- but as far tying into A New Hope goes, it hit all the right motions.

    That entire 3rd act and its epilogue are the most story based action filled sequences since Empire Strikes Back. Originally I thought they would treat this as a small scale film but was pleasantly surprised even though none of the central characters from the OT are in the foreground, it moved at a great pace.

    That Vader scene at the end, good lord. Makes me want to watch ANH immediately, which is EXACTLY what a prequel should do!

    Factoring in the story elements to tie into ANH and the rest of the trilogy, I’d give this a: solid 9/10

    Well done Lucasfilm/Disney. Star Wars and Marvel films can’t be brought down. I thought for sure, with all the troubling details from the production (reshoots, rotating writers, etc), this movie would be a poorly constructed disaster but I’m blown away how competent and great it is.

  3. I wish i wasnt at work when y’all were doing this. I went to see this last night and i loved it. Im really curious to hear what y’all think about the VFX cameos. absolute raising of the old and dead in a wonderful way. i think this really tiesin nicely to, a new hope.

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